Welp. What's up, 6b?

Um. Y’all? 6b’s edits this week are…unsettling. The only changes are how much area it takes up (more) and it’s alleged first communication randomly interjected. I’m gonna admit, seeing the word “hungry” randomly gave me a jolt. Is this someone trying to be funny? Is it 6b…? I know that sounds ridiculous, how would the mushroom have access to Omnipedia, but maybe???

Holding out hope this is going to be a cool discovery and not, you know, the beginning of an apocalypse movie.

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Wait, what the hell, why is personal health information being displayed? That’s so messed up and unethical and Not Relevant. What the actual Big Brother f***, Omnipedia?

Where’s Tony when we need him? Who would possibly authorize or have access to post something like this? And it happens right after he’s gone AWOL?

ETA: Well $#!&#

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I have a feeling Tony was one of the parties who was having the edit war in that article, and now the other one has locked him out and is doing whatever they please with the text… I know I previously said that maybe the shroom is affecting the AI writing the stuff (“talking to it”), but I was like 99 % joking at that point. Now I feel like if I said that I’d be only 50 % joking anymore…

Also sorry to see that you guys are also on the same CMD boat as I am. If only that dang tuna hadn’t been so delicious! ='(

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I don’t think we’re alone…do we actually have CMD?

From the Assassination section on Zhupao’s page:

On October 7th 2049, the Open G6 Initiative accused Zhupao of using the assassination of Xu as a “cover to heighten the persecution of its critics,” with Brad Berkemier and Kelly Rose claiming they and many others have been issued with positive CMD diagnoses to restrict their movements.

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Best way to test that would be to checks everyone’s posts, and then try to cross-reference that with what they’ve been posting about in the last few days.

So this is me checking myself I guess ?

EDIT : huh


As there’s now another topic dedicated to these CMD warnings, I’m going to go back to the mighty :mushroom: for a bit. Because I was again reading that Omnipedia page, and to me the usage of the “shroom language” words doesn’t look quite as random as you would initially expect. There seems to be some sort of intention behind the replacements - almost as if 6b was trying to explain what it meant with those words:

–and because it does not damagehungry the trees it connects to–

hungry = intention or action of eating something, which leads into causing damage to the thing that is being eaten

Zhupao enabled an adapted neural colloid to be introduced to 6b, described as a way of gathering data and allow for the tracking of electrical signalscold then hot then cold then hot.

cold then hot then cold then hot = the action of using electrical signals and/or colloids (maybe using them causes changes in 6b’s temperature, or maybe it uses temperature changes to interact with the colloids)

–viewers were hoping for another Copleston-Russell debate, a meetingfeeling of mindsmites that would tackle the concept of consciousness.

feeling = interaction between creatures, getting to know each other (sort of like “feeling each other out”)
mites = any other creatures with minds of their own

The title character from Beebee the Talking Mushroom Breathe with me.

This one is the trickiest, but I’d guess “breathe with me” might be a sort of greeting?


This is really cool and astute analysis. It also makes it less scary! Mushrooms are people too! Or…something.

Do we think 6b is also the one changing its square km? If it is, it’s interesting that it can comprehend our arithmetic. And who or what is giving it access to Omnipedia?

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Personally I think using and comprehending numbers could be even easier for a being like 6b, if its understanding really goes as far as having some sort of grasp of language. After all numbers are kind of a universal thing that don’t depend on things like senses, and even creatures like ants and possibly bees know how to count. We don’t know HOW they do it, but that’s what they seem to do anyway.

I think 6b doesn’t likely have a direct access to Omnipedia, but instead it is or has been communicating with the AI that is writing the articles. My chain of thought behind it goes like this:

  • There is an editing war in the shroom article: two parties are editing things back and forth. Who are these two editors? →
  • There was that one mention about how human and AI editors of Omnipedia were in a constant conflict and had differing interpretations of truth in some matters. So the two parties were humans and AI, but what was each side of the conflict thinking about the matters that were causing friction? →
  • Tony gets locked out of Omnipedia. If we assume Tony is human (please come back @TonyHsiung and tell me you are), AI is the one in control of the articles right now. So AI is the one writing in a friendly manner about 6b and now even inserting the shroom’s own words into the text. But why is the AI doing that? →
  • Omnipedia is definitely connected to neural colloids to some extent. And with the very unnerving news about neural mining popping up every once in a while, it might be possible that the AI is gathering data it displays in Omnipedia partially from colloids… Even those in 6b. And 6b is HUGE, so it could have as much influence to the data as a large city! So maybe the AI is looking for “popular opinions” about 6b from the general public, but a whole lot of those “thoughts” just happen to come directly from 6b’s colloids.
  • (There is also the possibility that 6b knows what is being done to it and it’s intentionally feeding it’s thoughts to the AI. But all of this should work even if it was just as clueless about the neural mining as we humans are.)

There is also this reeeally interesting tidbit that is pretty much only shown to you the first time you come to Omnipedia, in the “cookie consent” pop up:

Omnipedia’s algorithms can keep track of your emotional state and, depending on your reactions, highlight content that piques a particular interest or restrict content that may be deemed upsetting or inappropriate.

We obviously don’t know fully what that means in practice, but maybe that helps to explain the tone of the 6b article. If 6b can in some way access and comprehend what is being said about it in its own page, maybe its reactions are affecting the article? Maybe, idk, Clement is reading the text for it?


Sorry for double posting, but I uhh… Thought of something just now. It’s about the things 6b allegedly said to Clemens. This thing we all know by know:

Breathe with me.
Feel mites are hungry.
Cold then hot then cold then hot.

Like yeah, it definitely sounds like what any mushroom could tell about its day! But what if that’s not exactly what it is, but we can decipher the true meaning using the recent Omnipedia edits and/or for example the translations I previously made? If we went with the first option, then it would be:

The title character from Beebee the Talking Mushroom
Meet minds are damage.
Electrical signals.

Sounds interesting, but still quite hard to comprehend. Let’s go further and try my interpretations:

Nice to see you.
Interacting creatures are damaging (6b) with their eating.
(By) using colloids.

Oh wow. To me that sounds pretty alarming! Almost like 6b was aware of colloids devouring something from it: its thoughts or maybe its energy, like how colloids consume glucose and can even cause neuroglycopenia in human brains.

I know all of this is totally insane, but hey, I might very well have CMD and be dying as we speak! I think I’m allowed to have a little bit of insanity as a treat.


Hello users, given that G6 is the default identity verification method, ones online profile is unified and consolidated through it. If you are in a country subscribed to G6, your medical data can be used for the purposes of public CMD awareness and contact tracing.