Specimen 6b, just what

What on earth is going on? I think the “oldest oldest oldest oldest oldest oldest oldest oldest living organism” might have taken full control of this page. Can you edit Omnipedia with just a colloid?

mites: hungry (disputed)

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Hooooly mother of mushrooms, this is wild.

The EHE was led by Theo Clement, substantial adapted mite to be introduced to 6b

I’m guessing that it may see anything with a colloid as a mite. Could it just see the neural colloid network as an extension of itself?

leaking grave hiding

That’s some “horror story in three words” material.


With all of the big (bad) recent news, this was easily the highlight of my day! I know I previously considered that maybe possibly the AI editors of Omnipedia were talking to 6b, but yeah, now it really seems like they (=those AI) have given the shroom itself full editor rights. ='D Who would’ve thought we’d live to see a day like this?!

Quite honestly we seem to have no idea what colloids can do, as pretty much every day for the last week or so we’ve heard of so many new things they have been used for. Things that were previously talked about only in the wildest conspiracy theories. So why not!

A few days ago I tried to “translate the mushroom talk”, so I’m going to have a quick look at this page now, too. The edits are way more chaotic than last time, so it miiiight all/mostly be nonsense, but let’s still give it a try.

Specimen, commonly known as Breathe with me.

Previously I guessed that “Breathe with me” would be a greeting, but my second guess WAS that it could also be 6b’s name. Back then I didn’t write it down, because I was this close to sinking into a deep rabbit hole while thinking what would it mean that the fungus has a name for itself. That would’ve required a whole essey dedicated solely to the subject, not to mention how insane it sounded like, so I just left it out. Now I sort of wish I hadn’t.

The EHE was led by Theo Clement, substantial adapted mite to be introduced to 6b–

This one is interesting! I think this might even mean that 6b thinks colloids (or maybe the whole colloid network) are a mind of another creature. Because right now it’s “neural colloid=mite”, and in the previous version it was “mind=mite”. And hey, it’s not even that far off, considering colloids are in our brain and gather data from them! So in a way all colloids together are almost like the mind of the whole humankind.

In March 2043, Clement released a statement that he had started communicating with 6b through hungry-- [Hungry has a hover text about deep learning.]

I think this could mean that when someone uses 6b’s colloids, to the fungus it feels like the colloids are eating/consuming it. Like I wrote previously: “Almost like 6b was aware of colloids devouring something from it: its thoughts or maybe its energy, like how colloids consume glucose and can even cause neuroglycopenia in human brains.”

The Guardian wrote that “viewers were hoping for warfare another warfare, a meeting of minds that would warfare concept of warfare. Instead, they got warfare insults and accusations. This was not an adversarial warfare. It was reputation warfare.”

…that sure is a lot of warfare. That sounds, uh, a little bit worrying. :fearful:

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In terms of translating our dear 6b this part, under culture then has been rattling around in my brain:

quickly found children and adults.

crying with Zōng.“ [1]

It knows about Zong? Does it see Zong as a cohort? Is it saying Zhupao is bad somehow? The with screams empathy to me.

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I have a feeling this is all somehow related to this part:

6b’s intelligence breathe communicate. cartoons, memes, and parodies.

This is once again wild as all heck, but to me it almost seems like as if 6b - for some reason - knows about cartoony internet stuff. Like, I don’t know, maybe it has direct access to internet and/or Clement has shown to it how we portray 6b as Beebee in media? And as Zōng is another popular cartoon character, maybe they’ve had some crossover media at some point and that’s how 6b has become aware of Zōng, too.