Checking the new "feature"

Rough plan of action : everyone active puts a post up so we can have a masterlist of who’s diagnosis was made public by this new update. It would be particularly interesting to find someone who knows they have CMD but who doesn’t get that information leaked by Omnipedia.

We could probably just gather that info passively has people post, but having a checklist is just more convenient.

Also, just in case that “feature” goes away : we all just found out that this new update includes telling everyone that some people have CMD by adding a sentence saying so next to their profile picture whenever they make a post/reply/whatever.

I do realize that I’m asking people to release confidential information, but I think that if there’s something going on here then it’s something worth doing. And hey, at least I asked first.

Something to note : I don’t remember agreeing to Omnipedia making my medical information public. Dunno where all of you live, but I’m pretty sure France is gonna sue the shit out of this website. This was a very bad idea.


Feel free to add me to that list, as my info is already out. I don’t know for sure if I have CMD, but I know I’ve eaten that contaminated tuna back in the day. (That sushi was 10/10, would probably eat it again even if I knew the risks.)

Also yeah, I’m pretty sure Omnipedia will get into a lot of legal trouble, at the very least from European countries. The site might even get blocked from Europe, who knows.


Everyone marked as infected has posted or replied to something in today’s (october 7th) topic. If someone is just logging in, you may want to refrain from posting unless you are 100% certain you’re not CMD positive or can cope with the breach of privacy (I could always post stuff for you through PMs if you want me to).

If it’s the former and you get a flag when you post, we can reasonnably assume that Omnipedia is “just” flagging its active users as CMD positive whenever they post.

This only seems to affect regular users : the one mod to make a post didn’t get flagged.


I took a look and all of the posts on old threads have been flagged as well. It’s just…part of our visible Omni user info now.

At first I thought direct interactions with Tony might have been a factor, but they don’t seem to be. He’s chatted up plenty of folks from what I can tell.

I saw one user who’s posted today and is not flagged as having CMD - Nubel. Are there maybe topics the rest of us have discussed but Nubel hasn’t?


They also just added an article to the site about CMD phobia: CMD phobia | Omnipedia

They’re aware of the stigma and fear and misinformation surrounding this disease and yet they still do this??? Are they trying to fan the flames of fear? Is someone trying to flex their power? How does Omnipedia know I have CMD before I’ve even gone to get checked out? Like, I know they have access to colloids but DAMN.


When I posted twice earlier I wasn’t flagged so unless this literal reply changes that, I’m still negative.


Are there maybe topics the rest of us have discussed but Nubel hasn’t?

Ok so
I’ve just spent some time trying to figure that out (and feeling like a creep) and my conclusion is that there are a lot of topics under that umbrella.

Could be Adira, Waite, Finally Awake/Domian, a lot of things around or about Xu…

I’m also starting to confront the fact that mayyybe I’m just… deep in denial right now. Like I can imagine a few ways to “prove” to myself that it’s a false diagnosis, but none that are actually practical or definitive. There’s still a lot fishy about this situation, but… yeah.

Whatever the case though, I am still convinced that there’s a enormous potential for abuse in G6’s monopoly on diagnoses, and that making mine public befrore even informing me privately is an enormous ethical concern. Kinda hoping that Hsiung is perfectly fine just so I can be mad at him :angry:


They surely found a way to add fuel to the CMD Phobia, as I’m really concerned now. Have had a colloid for some time, but never imagined I’d get diagnosis this way. Disturbing.

Or… did I not? Now I’m fully confused. will see different doctors the next days and panic

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I think you’re fine ? If you were diagnosed you’d have a sentence saying so, or at least that’s the theory.

Can doctors actually do anything diagnosis-wise ? Do they get access to G6 ?

I just realized this forum has a user list that showcases which ones of the users have the CMD warning. And it’s sort of weird:

Seems like all of the most active users have been tagged, plus one singular user who has only ever posted once. In their post they do talk about a rather touchy subject, Adira, so that could be enough for the system to mess with them. (Or they just genuinely are unlucku and have contracted CMD…)

So, if either of you fellows in this topic who don’t have the CMD tag yet are willing to take the plunge, I’d suggest trying to write something controversial/alarming here. Stuff like “I think Adira doesn’t really exist” or “Roshan De Silva is so interesting and I’d want to learn more about them”. That would seem like the easiest way to test if the topics you discuss affect the CMD status.


Hello user, given that G6 is the default identity verification method, ones online profile is unified and consolidated through it. If you are in a country subscribed to G6, your medical data can be used for the purposes of public CMD awareness and contact tracing.

I am perfectly fine.

Hello user, there is no need to test conspiracy theories in this way. The Omnipedia list is completely trustworthy.

Yeah, of course you are right, that was a completely silly idea… Sorry about that Tony, I’m sure it was just CMD messing with my head and making me think of such things! =)

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This CMD I’ve supposedly been diagnosed with feels an awful like lot just being a person that’s asking uncomfortable questions.


One of the new updates on the G6 article has me feeling similarly:

When other countries reported cases of CSVD in the fall of 2047, Yuri Golitsyn accused China of “trading on CMD phobia” and repeated claims that G6 is “so overfocused on CMD as to render it blind to other constellations of symptoms.” [9] Golitsyn also repeated claims that “the question of whether or not a person has CMD informs the system’s entire surveillance apparatus,” taking aim at Zhupao for “wielding the threat of a positive CMD diagnosis as a political tool to silence and intimidate critics.”


I’m really hoping that the CMD diagnoses are either an error or an intimidation tactic, because I’ve been diagnosed too. If they’re not either of those though, and everyone does have CMD…

Well, suffice to say if Omnipedia’s users are a representative sample, the world is about to get pretty fucked.

What occurred to me after sitting on this for a bit is that, if these diagnoses are fake, then what are they going to do when it’s clear no one is dying? I mean sure, CMD can probably be diagnosed long before someone starts showing symptoms, but if as many people as it seems are getting diagnosed at once , then that’s still gonna start raising some questions pretty soon.

What I think is that these diagnoses are real. It would be a terrible move to give maybe thousands of people a fake diagnosis for a disease that is both incurable and 100% lethal. That doesn’t mean it happened by accident though. G6 has hardware in everyone’s brains, and the one thing we know for sure about colloids is that we don’t know their full capabilities. If this is some grand conspiracy, then the most likely possibility is that whoever’s running the show at G6 is giving their critics CMD on purpose.

Which is to say, um, fuck.

Of course, that’s assuming that it’s not just us being targeted. Which I guess might not be the case, but I can’t imagine why anyone would be singling out the users of Omnipedia’s forums specifically