Trying to get a grip of the bigger picture

I think everyone can agree that A LOT has happened in the last ten days. So much so that at least I have a lot of trouble trying to comprehend how it all fits together and what sort of picture this gigantic puzzle will actually form. Pipeline is a great tool for organizing information - almost too great. I mean my brain is already a gigantic tangle of arrows pointing at every direction, so instead of just replicating that mess, today I decided to try to simplify things instead:

Here I listed and grouped together all of the most popular Omnipedia articles currently available. I tried to group them by topics; many articles could go into several groups, but this is right now my best attempt. Then I surrounded them with topics most closely related to them. And finally circled the topics with colors like this:

  • Red: These ones contain the biggest questions and hopefully also the most important answers.
  • Blue: These are definitely important, but possibly a little less so than the red ones.
  • Green: These ones are interesting, but likely not all that important to the main questions.

To me the most burning questions I’m trying to find answers to are these:

  • What was behind the murder of Shaoyong and Golitsyn? Why were they killed and by who?
  • What happened in India? Who killed who in that apartment and why, and why were they all meeting each other there anyway?
  • Why is De Silva getting constantly added to and deleted from Omnipedia?
  • What was going on with Waite and their band? (Groups close to this topic are blue because they aren’t maybe that important to the whole world, but I would still very much like to come up with an answer to this question.)

There are of course a million other details I’d love to know more about, but the point of this was to keep it simple. I also might be completely wrong about the colors or groupings, so feel free to make your own interpretations if you so wish!


Something that keeps popping up in my mind when thinking about all that happened, is something that got uncovered by that data breach in 2045:

In 2045, a crowdsourced investigation of the Zhupao data breach uncovered technical specifications for the withering process that renders G6 data unusable when disconnected from the larger network. Analysis of the specifications revealed that the process is patterned on misfolding proteins, with an initial corruption triggered when a G6 node is taken offline or its owner-actor verification is revoked, and then cascading across the disconnected data. Five of Swords (FoS) has challenged Zhupao’s claims that continuous connectivity is required for encryption, alleging that the corruption process is not unlike “flicking a switch.”

This information was online on 2049/10/07 at the Global Secure Information Exchange System site, but got removed the day after. (not vanished tho)

All information about A-DIRA is gone, but thanks to this Thread → ADIRA is a what now?! - #6 by hexnuts we do know, that
the pathology of ADIRA is linked to misfolding IL-1RA proteins, which are synthesised by colloids to prevent their electrodes from causing brain tissue inflammation. Muren attributed the misfolding to errors in the bioreactors used by colloids to express surface proteins, resulting from Hagen using unvetted language models to generate IL-1RA protein sequences while claiming to have licensed verified AlphaFold sequences.

If I understand this correctly, it does say that it causes (or may cause) A-DIRA, when a G6 node is taken offline or its owner-actor verification is revoked.

(I think I remember Zhupao revoking the G6 owner-actor verification of the PLA when the CBIRC put a stop to their stock trading. Zhupao only reinstated the verification after the CCP announced it would order the CBIRC to lift the block. Sounds like a death threat now. But sadly I can’t find the information in Omnipedia anymore, so maybe I remeber that wrong.)

Anyway, the point I’m thinking about is how the underground detonation Efrim is involved in caused a local G6 outage. I wonder how long the outage lasted and if anyone got in danger due to their colloids being disconnected.

Still so many other mystieries unsolved, I keep coming back to all of this and trying to wrap my head around too many things at the same time.

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I’ve been thinking about the murder of Shaoyong and Golitsyn lately, and what I’m realizing is that I still really don’t have a handle on what was going down in the helicopter in the first place. We never even found out what the deal with the fourth body is, which means we don’t know for sure who was even there, let alone what they were doing (although the official claim seems to be that there were only ever three bodies to begin with*). And if we want to come up with a compelling motive, we have to get to the bottom of what was going on there.

I am fairly convinced that some pieces of the story we have now are correct, though. Mainly that the motivation for the assassination comes from within Zhupao and that Hagen was directly involved. I’m not convinced Hagen was acting alone though. However, I don’t know who else would be involved, and what they gain from all this.

*I’d be willing to accept that early reports were just wrong and there were only three bodies, except that, judging from this forum post, the fourth body was initially identified as being Roshan De Silva, so, it’s definitely suspicious. Maybe he was there but somehow managed to survive the attack? I don’t know, I’ve toyed with the idea that De Silva is actually dead and someone else is removing his name everywhere, but I really can’t come up with a reason why someone other than De Silva would do that.

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I’m completely baffled as to where to go from here. But @awawawa is definitely onto something. I went to the Pipeline, but it didn’t seem to answer any new questions, and seems like it hasn’t been updated in a while.