People just keep disappearing

So… How many people exactly have mysteriously disappeared in the last few days? It seems to be turning into a worrying trend, so I thought maybe we should start keeping track of it. It’s highly likely that I’m forgetting someone, so please feel free to add to the list!

Old cases: :question:
Recent cases: :bangbang:

Straightforward cases:
:question: Connie Muren - disappeared in 2040 on her way to Berlin
:bangbang: Efrim Waite - disappeared on October 1st from a ferry going from Spain to Morocco
:bangbang: Hong Lian - disappeared on October 3rd from her home, has likely used collocidal

Special cases:
:question: Imran Djebarri - disappeared in 2033, was later found dead from Tunis (special because we know where he eventually ended up in)
:bangbang: Yuri Golitsyn - was found dead from Xu’s helicopter, but no one knows how or why he got there; might’ve been picked up by the helicopter from Zhupao’s Beijing headquarters (special because we know where he is now, but didn’t for a while)
:bangbang: “The 4th victim” - the rumored 4th person on Xu’s helocopter; identity, current location or even if they are real or not is unknown (special because we don’t know if there is any sort of case actually at all)
:bangbang: Rochan de Silva - disappeared from Omnipedia; may or may not be the 4th victim (special, because we don’t know if they are missing in real life)

Also… This might just be me, but wasn’t there previously some name attached to the 4th victim in Omnipedia? I feel like I did see it before, but I can’t for the life of me find it right now. =0 (Edit: Might’ve been Rochan de Silva.)


Good spot about the 4th victim!

I also remember seeing a name and can’t find it anymore. I think someone must be able to edit pages without the changes showing up in the changelog. Some Zhupao employee who really wants to stay secretive I guess?


There definitely was. I remember it because the stub said they went to Tsinghua University, and that’s where Tony studied.


I remember this too, I wish I could remember the name now!

I think Tony Hsiung at least can make edits without them appearing - look at my latest post. It was to correct a ‘mistake’ - but is the mistake really that Omnipedia reported something they shouldn’t have?

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Oh, good to hear that other people remember this, too! Or well, I guess it’s not good in a sense that something weird seems to be going on, but good for me so I don’t feel like I’m alone with this.

I kept thinking about the name of the 4th victim, and one possibility I just remembered was Rochan de Silva, or something along those lines. I tried searching for it in Omnipedia and found no results, so either that’s exactly the right name or the name doesn’t have any connection to anything at all. But… It DOES sound really familiar to me.


Probably not important and not exactly a missing person, but on Oct 3rd at the Typhoon 4109 site, the count of confirmed fatalities went up by one while the count for missing went down by one.
Wondering if they just got the numbers wrong …or found a dead body 8 years later?

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Yeah I noticed that, too, and was originally going to end my first post on a light-hearted joke about it, writing something like “these people have gone missing, but hey, at least SOMEONE has also been found!” (But then I noticed that 4th victim weirdness and thought that was more important thing to end on.) I think they probably found a skeleton or other remains somewhere and now finished DNA testing it, confirming it was from one of the people who went missing in the typhoon all that time ago.

de Silva! I’m pretty sure that was it!

Another disappearance that was awhile back but worth mentioning I think is Connie Muren. She disappeared on her way to a conference in Berlin in March 2040 and then was declared dead seven years later. I always thought the timing was odd; she’d been working arm in arm with Sunil Cariappa on identifying CMD. Two weeks after her disappearance, Cariappa gets whisked into the center of some kind of power struggle involving Zhupao and the CCP.

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You are absolutely right! Like I said in the opening post, I had a feeling I was missing someone really important. I’m definitely going to add her to the list.

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I still wonder what kind of conference it was she was travelling to. Was it related to her activism - and what was she an activist for?


Hello Omnipedian! I personally do not make edits without registering them in the change log. The edit you refer to was simply to ensure accurate information, no ulterior motives.

I would warn against putting too much significance on the correction of mistakes - after all, we’re all human here.

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Yeah, I’m sure is just as you said. Thank you so much for your hard work, Tony! =)

As I’m just such a huge fan of Omnipedia, I’m a teeny tiny bit curious about something you just said though. If YOU don’t make edits without registering them to the log, WHO does then? Asking just out of innocent curiosity!


It is wonderful to meet such a fan :slight_smile:

To answer your question, no edits are made without being added to the change log. We strive for transparency at Omnipedia. When I said I do not, it was just in reference to your specific question.

Ah, sure! I must’ve imagined the whole thing with de Silva then. Silly old me! =)