ADIRA is a what now?!

ADIRA is…a disease? And Spencer Hagen knew about it and he’s been covering it up for years? I would never have thought (at least not the first part,) but it makes a lot of other things make sense - like the issues G6 has with diagnosing inflammatory issues, Sanial’s refusal to share their colloid coating technology…it’s sounding like the “adira” search may have existed so that if anyone started getting too close to the truth, they could be targeted and conditioned away from thinking about it.

Various versions of the same info are found on three articles:
In the ADIRA Revelations section on the ADIRA Article

On October 9th 2049, Sunil Cariappa published a data package to Vessel containing a body of research into acquired deficiency of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (ADIRA). [5] This research was conducted by Connie Muren, who alleged that the adira search term was part of a clandestine G6 operation to suppress the existence of ADIRA. Zhupao has not commented on Muren’s allegations.

From the Disappearance section on Cariappa’s article:

On October 9th 2049, Cariappa published a data package to Vessel containing a body of research into acquired deficiency of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (ADIRA). [14] The package included a recorded message in which Cariappa attributed the research to the “incredible bravery” of Muren, and read aloud a message from her that implicated Hagen in the suppression of ADIRA’s existence through the abuse of G6.

Interpol has determined that the data package was published from a location in Dharwad. Many individuals have come out in support of Cariappa, including Brad Berkemier, Laura McDonald, Sofia Peña, Kelly Rose, and Jagrati Thass.

There’s a bit more information in the section about Connie Muren’s death:

On October 9th 2049, Cariappa published a data package to Vessel containing a body of research into acquired deficiency of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (ADIRA). [10] The package included a recording in which Cariappa attributed the research to the “incredible bravery” of Muren, and read aloud a message from her that implicated Hagen in the suppression of ADIRA’s existence through the abuse of G6. Muren also accused Hagen of having attempted to kill her and threatened Cariappa’s life after she informed him of ADIRA on March 3rd 2040.

And all of this information collects and expands a bit in Spencer Hagen’s article, helpfully filed under ADIRA cover-up:

On October 9th 2049, Connie Muren posthumously accused Hagen of abusing G6 to cover up her discovery of acquired deficiency of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (ADIRA). Muren has described ADIRA as a variant of deficiency of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (DIRA) caused by the protein-based implanting method used by colloids, specifically the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1RA) protein.

According to private research conducted by Muren, the pathology of ADIRA is linked to misfolding IL-1RA proteins, which are synthesised by colloids to prevent their electrodes from causing brain tissue inflammation. Muren attributed the misfolding to errors in the bioreactors used by colloids to express surface proteins, resulting from Hagen using unvetted language models to generate IL-1RA protein sequences while claiming to have licensed verified AlphaFold sequences. [23]

In a message read by Cariappa, who has published Muren’s ADIRA research to Vessel, Muren claims that she informed Hagen of her discovery on the night of March 3rd 2040, and that he reacted by attempting to murder her and threatening Cariappa’s life “in order to suppress ADIRA.” Interpol has indicated that it will “take these new elements in the disappearance and death of Connie Muren into account.”

Edit to add citation 23 from Hagen’s article:
23. Madani, A; Krause, B; Greene, E et al. (January 2023). “Large language models generate functional protein sequences across diverse families.” Nature Biotechnology. :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:


Yeah, at this point I’m pretty convinced that’s why the search term existed. Though maybe even conditioning would’ve been a bit too light measurement to take if someone was found talking/thinking about ADIRA before the leak happened; more likely I think Zhupao’s people would’ve paid the person a visit and had a “”“chat”“” with them. Or I don’t know, maybe they could’ve just pressed a button and killed/put the person into a coma through their colloids. At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if they could do that.

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Oh man I’m glad you quoted everything - it’s all gone now :fearful:

What a revelation. There’s even more, though. I didn’t see it at first, but now I’m astounded this got onto Omnipedia at all. Zhupao (or maybe just Hagen) clearly isn’t as in control as we thought.

Anyway, the big thing is that we have Efrim Waite’s leaked medical records… or at least I would if I could get my Vessel connection working again. Thankfully the juicy bits are on his omni article :

Waite has been on a strict regimen of colchicine, anakinra, and various nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) since 2039, which corresponds with previously unconfirmed reports suggesting that Waite has been fighting an unknown illness for years

Omni only had tooltips for those medications so I dug into my Wikipedia archive. I didn’t find anything useful at first, but looking up their old article on “deficiencies of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist” it says it can be treated with (wait for it) colchicine and anakinra :exploding_head:

Old-school DIRA is a genetic issue that’s present from birth, but if Sanial/Zhupao colloids are secretly causing DIRA that would make it “Acquired DIRA”… and if Efrim Waite has “over 120” colloids in him…

I still want to know why his hair’s gone white though


Wait WHAT, all of that is just GONE?! What on earth, that’s waaaaay bigger than just erasing some name of a person and whatnot. I would’ve never thought of Omnipedia going this far! Event Cariappa’s recording has disappeared! God I hope someone has it saved. By mere luck I have Cariappa’s page open on a tab so I can write down what was said in it, but believe me, you are missing out if you can’t hear the poor man say what he has to say himself.

That’s also really interesting! What I find weird is that according to Cariappa ADIRA is supposed to be treatable, which to me sounds like treatment should cure it, right? But Waite has been treated for years! I can think of three reasons for that:

  • They have actually just DIRA, which as far as I know can be managed but not cured.
  • Because they have such a stupid amount of colloids in their head, ADIRA just keeps redeveloping over and over again.
  • Because of the amount of colloids and also maybe because some of them are wacky custom-made ones, their ADIRA is developing into something even worse than just the base disease…

But now I’m going to write down that Cariappa’s speech so it isn’t completely lost forever.

(EDIT) Ah, while listening to the recording, I found out I was actually mistaken - ADIRA is also just manageable, not curable. I had misunderstood that part previously. So that speculation was then not needed in the end.

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Okay, here’s what was said in Cariappa’s message. It’s really important and we really owe it to Cariappa and Muren that these words will not be completely erased from existence!

I am recording this message so it can be verified as real and unedited by voice print analysis.

I can confirm that the data package enclosed in this recording is genuine. It contains research on a novel prion disease known as ADIRA, a name which has been attributed to many people, including myself. But now we know it to be an acronym.

The most important thing I can tell you is that ADIRA is not fatal in the way CMD is. It can be managed with currently available anti-inflammatory regimens.

I trust that health communicators will soon be able to tell you more about ADIRA than I can right now.

I want to stress that this information we have on ADIRA, and why it was being supressed, is the result of incredible bravery of Connie Muren and I’m sure there are others.

I was unable to meet with Connie before her death, but she did manage to send me a message, and part of that message is meant for someone else. That part I would like to read aloud now, if only to let Connie Muren have the final word.

"Hi Spencer. I hear you’ve been looking for me. The whole world knows about ADIRA now, but I want the world to know about you, too.

How I told you about my discovery of ADIRA on the night before I disappeared. How you tried to kill me then, but couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

(Here it sounds like Cariappa is holding back tears.)

So you did the next best thing. You threatened the life of Sunil. You told me, if I or anyone else so much as whispered a word of ADIRA, he would meet a certain death.

And then you pretended to be his friend while holding a gun to his head and used his name to create a mass surveillance machine.

I don’t wish to speculate to what extent you designed or pointed G6 towards finding me, but now everyone knows the lengths you went to in order to supress ADIRA.

In a way it’s perfect that its existence was revealed without any context. At the very least, it made sure you would never hear the end of it.

I saw it in your eyes, Spencer. It was eating away at you. But it’s out now. It’s not ours to carry any longer."


Ughhhh no that video and message cannot just disappear that way. I’ve got an archive; let’s see if this works…


Also, damn the stealth removals were widespread today. Even the main page no longer mentions Acquired-DIRA. It was -everywhere- and now it’s just…not. Busy work for those looking to stem the free flow of information.

Acquired-DIRA’s former tooltip:

Acquired deficiency of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (ADIRA) is an autoinflammatory syndrome resulting from the misfolding of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1RA) proteins. The pathology and spread of ADIRA have been linked to neural colloids and their use of synthesised IL-1RA proteins to prevent their electrodes from causing brain tissue inflammation.

This part that was on the Neural colloid article also struck me:

Connection to ADIRA
On October 9th 2049, Sunil Cariappa published a data package to Vessel containing a body of research into acquired deficiency of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (ADIRA). [10] Conducted by Connie Muren and spanning seven years of work, the research indicates that ADIRA can result from misfolding errors in the bioreactors used by colloid electrodes to synthesise proteins for long-term biocompatibility. In a message enclosed with the data package, Muren has alleged that Hagen was responsible for suppressing the existence of ADIRA after she had first discovered it in 2040.

Connie discovered it in 2040, Hagen suppressed it and threatened her, she vanished for her own safety…and then she continued her research in isolation for years. She must’ve had help. To escape, to stay hidden, to equip her in research materials. Sunil, Efua, WNW, possibly Sofia and Atakan…but also probably Yuri?


Everyone else on the list I can see doing that, but I’m 99 % sure Cariappa wasn’t one of them. I doubt Muren would’ve risked his life by telling him what was going on, plus Cariappa wasn’t exactly known for being good with secrets. (At least Li Qiao Fan got into some trouble because of that.) Cariappa also ran a whole campaign to find Muren, and his distress while reading her last message on the video (Thank you so much for salvaging it, btw!) and not being able to find her in time sounded very genuine to me.


Good point, he really wouldn’t have been. I think I was so proud of him coming forward and stunned by the new info that I just swooped him into that group of “resistance fighters” since he’s associated with them. Given that Efua determined brainjacking had been tested on Cariappa before being more widely deployed, Sunil definitely would’ve needed to be in the dark or he could’ve blown any plans that might’ve been made.


Wow I can’t believe they’re still trying to cover this up. This deletion definitely confirms that this is the truth in my eyes.

I wonder which people have the access level needed to stealth delete things.


Hello user. No one is “stealth deleting” things. Our editors are merely cleaning up articles and removing misinformation.

So all editors have the ability to edit articles without their changes showing up in the log?