Roshan De Silva reappears in Omnipedia

Roshan De Silva’s mysterious disappearance from Omnipedia was previously discussed in here. (The name was slightly misspelled, as I drew it from my memory and couldn’t fact check it as it had, well, disappeared.)

And now De Silva has popped up again! But in a completely different context, in the page about Sofia Peña:

In case the mention disappears once again, I’ll copypaste the important part here:

In 2037, Peña joined the United Nations Futures Research Agency (UNFRA), where she contributed to various research and cultural projects related to localised implementations of global health policies. In May 2037, Peña brought charges of bullying and sexual harassment against Roshan De Silva, who resigned from the UNFRA after the case was settled out of court.

And the text that appears in the hovering box about De Silva says they following:

Roshan De Silva (born 1999) is a Sri Lankan political strategist and chief advisor to Xu Shaoyong. Born in Hambantota, De Silva studied at Tsinghua University and worked at various companies before entering politics in the administration of President Victor Senanayake. In 2040, De Silva was hired by Zhupao to serve as the company’s liaison to Sri Lanka.


So should we start taking screenshots of everything ? Mentions of De Silva, at least, but if this becomes a trend… well I don’t think the wayback machine is going to work on an app.


Between Disappearing de Silva and the questionable edits we’re seeing on other articles, I’d say yes. Omnipedia’s article has been edited too, removing the part about Tony giving every article a final pass before publication. Anything could happen to these articles! For the sake of the integrity of the information on this site, and of everyone who will come upon it after us, (not to mention our own sanity!) I think quotes and screenshots here in the Talk pages will be important documentation.

If we’re going to archive : the Pipeline makes a local copy when we save it, and will be way more convenient to use than constant ctrl+alt+print.

I’ve already added both (surviving) De Silva mentions to my board, I recommend everyone adds any information they are afraid to see disappear to theirs.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the community board will contain the De Silva mentions, or how they are edited (if at all) in general.

Good catch! Kinda disappointing Xu hired him AFTER the charges of sexual misconduct.


And just like that, Roshan de Silva has disappeared from Omnipedia again, leaving an avalanche of red flags in his wake. There’s no trace of him on Sofia Peña’s article.

I wonder whether he’s making these changes himself or if they’re being made on his behalf/at his direction. And WHY.


Hello! Omnipedia is constantly changing and evolving, and as such articles are continuously updated to be as correct as possible. There is no need to keep records of things that were removed, as removal occurs only after thorough review. You can trust us to be as objective as possible.

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We at Omnipedia do not make changes on behalf of individuals, only to ensure relevant information is present in each article.

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Ooooooh dang, you are right! Somehow I thought it would take them (whoever they are) at least a day to scrub the text clean, but it took even less than that! Seems like we have to be pretty quick about seeing the og version if we want to get a glimpse of it before it’s gone forever.

Thanks Tony! =) I’m sure we don’t need to, but maybe we want to do it just for… Fun! Yeah, just for fun! =)

Thank you for your hard work Tony and the rest of the Omnipedia team! What would we ever do if we were flooded with such irrelevant information! =)


You are very welcome :slight_smile: We at Omnipedia will continue to watch this space.


That’s very… … … … Reassuring to hear! =)

(Guys, if you happen to find my cold dead body somewhere in the next few days, please bury me with my lord and savior, the grand :mushroom: 6b.)


The way my mouth dropped open. With joy. Obviously.



Wow! Am I glad people are watching for these things. This is maybe a shot in the dark, but I wonder if there’s something going on in Sri Lanka. I don’t think it’s mentioned anywhere else in Omnipedia, but if it is it might tell us at least something about what De Silva’s deal is.

Also, my big question isn’t who’s editing these references out, but who’s putting them in? Clearly someone in charge doesn’t want anyone hearing about De Silva, but I’m not convinced these are just random accidents slipping in. It should be easy enough to filter that out in the edit. So that makes me think someone is putting in references to De Silva on purpose, knowing they’re not supposed to.

Someone in Omnipedia is trying to get out information we’re not supposed to know, and they want us to know about De Silva. So, who’s doing that? And why?