Even more history of disappearances

Following on from this excellent discussion from a few days ago

With today’s unprecedented 4! personality pages, it brings the count of past and current weirdness worryingly high.

Of the 12 dedicated people pages only 2 remains in the public eye.

Still Missing

  • :question: Connie Muren - Last seen 9 years ago
    • Last Seen: March 4th 2040
  • :bangbang: Matvey Kozlov - Last seen 7~ days ago
    • Missing: October~ 2049
  • :bangbang: Hong Lian - Last seen 3 days ago
    • Missing: October 3rd 2049

Mysterious Death

Previous Disappearance

  • :question: Hasashi Desai - Missing 7 Months
    • Missing: June 2041
    • Resurfaced: January 2042
  • :bangbang: Efrim Waite - Missing 2 Days
    • Missing: October 2nd 2049
    • Recovered: Hospitalised: October 4th 2049
    • Released: October 6th 2049


and thats only counting dedicated pages.


There’s also Efua Amankwah-Crouse - not sure exactly how to classify her. Maybe “Fine - in hiding”? According to the German police, she met with Cariappa in Germany in mid-late September but is now in hiding per the Chinese investigators.

Also, thank you for updating and reposting this list. The list of dead and disappeared is definitely getting alarming.

How did I miss her! This is what I get for playing around with formatting instead of double checking my page list!
Maybe “withdrew from public eye 3 years ago”, but she still makes speaking arrangements remotely and apparently traveled to Germany at least 2 weeks ago.

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To the mysterious deaths I would definitely add Nadira Bentoumi - died 4th of October 2049 of hypovolemic shock.

Honestly also Imran Djebarri.

I also find Johanna Amankwah-Crouse‘a 2045 death a bit suspicious but I don’t know if I’m being paranoid!


Sunil Cariappa has also been reported missing.

  • Sunil Cariappa (pictured) has been reported missing, with his whereabouts unaccounted for since September 30th 2049.

He doesn’t have a dedicated page but still seems sus and worrying.


He doesn’t even permanently appear on Omnipedia, but Roshan De Silva is, at minimum, being deleted from public knowledge, and may have died with Xu and Golitsyn.

Also Rowan Xu (the academic who’s been vocally critical of Theo Clement’s research on 6b) stepped down from their academic positions at some point this year, and it’s unclear why, or where they are now. Not quite a disappearance, but definitely a bit of a mysterious silencing.