Neural mining reappears

And still sounds as creepy as ever. Following on from Another Possible Reappearing Piece of Information (?)

The first place I caught mention of neural mining is on Efua Amankwah-Crouse’s article. (And WOW is there a lot to talk about regarding her article in general, too, but I’m going to try to focus here.)

With the help of Cariappa, Amankwah-Crouse found that the G6 DNCs were being used to train semantic thought models on neurometric and neurobehavioural data, which was being actively mined through the medical colloids intended to diagnose cases of Cariappa-Muren disease (CMD). Cariappa believed the CCP to be responsible and suggested they inform Xu, but Amankwah-Crouse was reluctant to contact him.

On September 26th 2040, Amankwah-Crouse announced that she had reached an agreement with Xu to terminate her contract with Zhupao. She also issued a statement to clarify that her team had not been involved with the development of the colloids that were being administered in the G6 pilot programmes.

When the CCP declared its intention to roll out G6 for all its territories and special economic zones (SEZs) in October 2040, Amankwah-Crouse worked with World News Wire (WNW) to reveal the mass neural mining that she and Cariappa had uncovered. [9] Xu dismissed Amankwah-Crouse’s claims as “preposterous” and warned her that “any further divulging of proprietary information would be considered in breach of her non-disclosure agreement.”

Here’s the hovertext for neural mining:

Neural mining is the process of obtaining bulk data from implanted neural colloids for the purposes of training artificial intelligence (AI) models to reconstruct real-time speech and semantic thought patterns from brain activity. In 2040, Zhupao was accused of illegally engaging in mass neural mining through G6.

And the citation:

Daems, A; Sajjadi, E; Ariyawansa, P. (November 2040). “Gathering your thoughts: a new frontier of extractive capitalism.” World News Wire

Luckily for us, World News Wire has an Omnipedia article now, and this is what it has to say:

After its controversial reporting on Zhupao’s mass neural mining operation, WNW began to struggle financially. [3] In November 2040, Weill sold her majority stake in WNW to a Sri Lankan venture capital firm owned by the Senanayake Group.

The citation is for the same article listed above. (Where’s a crawl request when you need one?) Here’s the Senanayake stub:

The Senanayake Group is a Sri Lankan network of family-owned logistics and shipping companies that has grown to a near-monopoly control of foreign trade with Sri Lanka. Primarily engaged in the design, construction and operation of infrastructure assets, many of the companies in the Senanayake Group have developed projects as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Who else has ties to the Senanayake family? Our other favorite Omnipedia disappearing act, Roshan de Silva. (Related thread: Roshan de Silva…Again!) de Silva got into politics via President Victor Senanayake’s administration, after working “at various companies” for several years. I have a feeling at least some of those companies were part of the Senanayake Group. (We know he left the UN Futures Research Agency in 2037 after settling a sexual harassment & bullying case brought against him by Sofia Peña.)

If this pattern continues, (which seems likely at this point,) we may want to consider creating a master thread for each update to track the various disappearing/reappearing pieces of information. Once they’re gone from Omnipedia, they’re gone from general view forever; if/when they do reappear, it’s without the context of where they were before. Future Omni readers will have a better time getting the full story that way - and we might have an easier time spotting patterns and coming up with theories and answers, too.


Hello Omnipedian! I would gently advise against putting too much stock in conspiracy theories regarding what information is deleted from Omnipedia articles. Omnipedia is constantly evolving, and mistakes do happen. What is published in each article is the up-to-date truth as we know it. We wouldn’t want to stir up trouble by attributing meaning to incorrect information, now would we? :slight_smile:

That is…certainly a point to consider Tony, thank you.

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Why is that smiley face so sinister.

Anyway, master thread sounds like a good idea. Think of it like a fun project to practice our skills, Mr. Hsiung. Just in case. We live in a wild world, after all.


I we all put the missing info on the pipeline, it should appear in the community boards, right ? I imagine those will be archived. It would be interesting to find out if they get edited or not.


We do indeed, Ms. Tyler.


Neural mining did disappear again, but in this case it was replaced and the new information is :eyes:.

With the help of Cariappa, Amankwah-Crouse found that the G6 DNCs were being used to process close to 85 quintillion (1018) undisclosed databases, all originating from worldwide public and private sources. The filenames showed references to data formats attributed to social media and data platforms, surveillance systems and companies, and financial institutions. Some of the databases overlapped with each other, implying that they had been shared or scraped, and that the DNCs were being trained on partially redundant data.

It goes on from there a bit, but WOW. Seems possible that Xu only pretended to be eco-conscious to get Amankwah-Crouse to work on the DNCs, and instead he trained them on so much illicitly-obtained data that it negated the environmental benefits of the PACOTTI architecture entirely. Then, after Amankwah-Crouse left the project, Xu had G6 secretly retrofitted with quantum neural networks between October and June of the following year.

When that fact came out in a data leak a few years later, Xu didn’t deny it and just claimed it was necessary because of how much data G6 was meant to process…but that’s crap. They overloaded those systems from the start by training them on a bunch of data they never should’ve had. Plus if it was so necessary, it wouldn’t have been done in secret.

What was Xu doing with that data? Could it have been used to train AI on a scale we’ve not seen before? G6 was a pretty collective/collaborative project at that point - theoretically teams from the WHO, Zhupao, and the CCP could’ve had access at least. The thought of that much personal data being so available makes me uneasy.