Roshan de Silva.... again!

Following on from Roshan De Silva reappears in Omnipedia

It looks like de Silva is back again! Copying while it’s still available!

On the page for Typhoon 4109:

President Suryanto attempted to sign the follow-up deal anyway, adding additional incentives and rent-free land for the new factories. Zhupao decided it would take too long to make Borneo viable again and that other locations in Indonesia would also be at risk of natural hazards, eventually moving Sanial’s manufacturing capacity to Sri Lanka in a deal brokered by Roshan De Silva. [8]

The blurb about Roshan de Silva:
Roshan De Silva (born 1999) is a Sri Lankan political strategist and chief advisor to Xu Shaoyong. Born in Hambantota, De Silva studied at Tsinghua University and worked at various companies before entering politics in the administration of President Victor Senanayake. In 2040, De Silva was hired by Zhupao to serve as the company’s liaison to Sri Lanka.


Hmmmm. Do we have any theories about WHY he’s always getting erased? Something to do with his relation to Xu? This is a reach but maybe somehow tied to the assassination. I feel like it has to be something big to be getting this exclusive treatment.

Roshan de Silva doesn’t want their name out there, for whatever reason - or someone else doesn’t want their name out there. Why? Let’s see if this mention gets scrubbed too.

It feels like it’s related to the human editors-AI editors tensions mentioned in the Omnipedia article. If there was only one group of people who wanted no mention of Silva, then there just wouldn’t be any mentions. And the alleged Human/AI split is the only “factions” we know of inside Omnipedia’s editorial team.

If this is true then I wonder if it’s human vs AI battling in the 6b article too.


Aaaand it’s gone already! The reference has been deleted


I feel like it is, but the real question that rises from that is which one of the sides is humans and which one AI?

I know it sounds crazy, but hey, crazy is all there seems to be happening these days, so… What if the :mushroom: has been talking to the AI and “befriended” it or whatever, which is why the AI would insist on writing about it in the cutesy way? What if the one calling it 6b and dissing Xu isn’t Theo Clement like we thought, but Specimen 6b/35-N8 itself (by proxy)?

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That’s a good question - if it’s human vs AI, is it the humans or the AI that’s trying to hide information about De Silva? And the same goes for neural mining…

Agreed about 6b - interesting point. I don’t know if I totally buy it to be honest but I’m seriously intrigued!


I mean the AI are just following their code, right ? Seems more likely to me that the AI editors are just reporting whatever they find in the article, and then someone hiding De Silva notices and scrubs it out.

The alternative is that someone coded the AIs to do that… but so far the Spook can’t manage to get ahead of @turnips, and I have to imgine an AI would just erase the mention basically as soon as it’s posted.

Same goes for neural mining, really. If it was the AIs I don’t think we would have even seen those mentions to begin with. “To err” and all of that.

And also :
Based on what isn’t confined to the void and is instead edited normally, we can make inferences about their goal, what doesn’t interest them, and maybe rule some people out.

Like for example I’m pretty sure Hsiung isn’t guilty - otherwise why not retcon the omnipedia article, rather than leaving a trail about how the articles get edited by him personnally ?

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This is definitely a crackpot theory but…
The other topic that keeps getting referenced and edited out is neural mining, which, per this post is

Neural mining is the process of obtaining bulk data from implanted neural colloids for the purposes of training artificial intelligence (AI) models to reconstruct real-time speech and semantic thought patterns from brain activity. In 2040, Zhupao was accused of illegally engaging in mass neural mining through G6.

Now, I’ll admit I haven’t kept up with the state of AI research in a long time, but I assumed that when Omnipedia says they use AI editors to write their articles, they meant some advanced version of the old LLMs like ChatGPT. But… someone wants us to know about neural mining. And the only factions we know of are the AIs and the human editors. And if it’s not the human editors then…

What if the AI editors aren’t just LLMs, but are full digital recreations of neurally mined human beings? And they have enough self awareness that they’re in an editing war with the human editors?

And, shit, if that’s the case, then what else are they using those for?