Another Possible Reappearing Piece of Information (?)

I have a strong feeling that this information on neural mining (“new” on Jagrati Thass’s page and also on Sofia Peña’s page in the research sesion) has been on Omni before. Does anyone else recall seeing this before today’s updates?

Neural mining
Neural mining is the process of obtaining bulk data from implanted neural colloids for the purposes of training artificial intelligence (AI) models to reconstruct real-time speech and semantic thought patterns from brain activity. In 2040, Zhupao was accused of illegally engaging in mass neural mining through G6.

I can’t recall what page I saw it on before - if it was tied to Jagrati Thass or someone/something else. I remember thinking the timing was interesting because 2040 is when Xu seemed to clash with the CCP before bringing them into the agreement with the WHO. Also, those kinds of accusations seem likely to have stemmed from some kind of data leak (no shortage of those!) but the only leak we know of in 2040 was favorable for Xu/Zhupao.


I think I remember seeing something like that elsewhere as well.

All I can find at the moment thats similiar is the concept of Neurosurveillance on the September 30th G6 page and Brainjacking Pending-Page link on the Blackout page

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I have a feeling I might have seen this at Specimen_6b_35-N8 page, but I can be mistaken :thinking:

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The reference to neural mining is gone once again, without a changelog. :face_with_monocle: I guess it wasn’t “relevant” enough to be kept on her article.