I'm a Mekhane Truther

As I mention here, I’m beginning to suspect that the AI editors at Omnipedia aren’t just your run of the mill LLMs, but are full recreations of people who have been victims of neural mining.

And, like someone else has brought up in this post, giving someone a stroke through their colloid would be a pretty convenient way to off someone you didn’t like.

Who do we know who had a suspicious stroke recently? Samuel Domian. And around the same time, Finally Awake is updated with a new AI gamemaster, which apparently “recaptured the magic of Domian’s finest games.”


Oh hey! And you know what just occurred to me? Samuel Domian was known to suffer from frequent blankouts. Gonna be honest? I think those are related too.

That’s it, I’m a Mekhane Truther now. Mekhane is just an AI version of Domian, created by neurally mining him without his consent.