Amankwah-Crouse revenge killing?

Something caught my eye in the new article on Efua Amankwah-Crouse.

She pioneers the technology underpinning G6 and neuroids, then joins Zhupao in 2034 before leaving in 2040 when she learns that G6 is being misused on a massive scale.

In August 2045 she joins Nuance (a G6 consulting company, surely not!?), but leaves only two months later when “she was accused of having instigated a leak of sensitive information related to G6.” Her family was then “met with harassment and death threats”.

Following on from Amankwah-Crouse is being framed I think we can say that Xu was not Efua’s biggest fan… or at least that someone has an interest in it looking that way. Either way she has enemies.

Here’s the kicker:

On December 10th 2045, Johanna [Amankwah-Crouse] was found dead in their London City home, with the cause of death established as hemorrhagic stroke.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but for that to happen only two months after Efua is accused of leaking G6 secrets smells like a smoking gun to me. Did someone use Johanna’s colloid to trigger her stroke? Was it revenge? Was it blackmail? Who else might be under the same gun?


It’s definitely a suspicious way to die given what we know about colloids. Amankwah-Crouse might have been scared after, hence to return to Ghana and no longer travelling after that.

I wonder if Ghana doesn’t have extradition treaties with China or something, and maybe there’s an element of physical safety too?

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