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Zhupao founder Xu Shaoyong was many things. A business magnate. A politician. An investor.
However, it is my belief that the man who died on October 1st was not Xu Shaoyong- at least not in spirit. Who was he then?
To answer this question, we must look back in time. To be precise, we must look back to the year 2040.
According to the 2049/09/29 version of Xu’s Omnipedia article:

In March 2040, Xu began to criticise the CCP for its treatment of epidemiologist Sunil Cariappa, who was in Beijing as part of a WHO mission to assist the National Health Commission (NHC) in charting the spread of CMD. On April 3rd 2040, Xu hosted a press event alongside Cariappa at Zhupao’s Shanghai headquarters, accusing the CCP of covering up its failings in addressing the CMD pandemic by “leveraging Cariappa’s name recognition to present China’s surveillance apparatus inside the wrapping of a necessary tool for biosecurity.”

In April, Xi Jinping would accuse Xu of “inciting subversion of state power” and order the CCDI to start an investigation into Xu. Supposedly, the CCDI “declined to file a case against Xu owing to a concession between members of the Politburo as part of an internal power struggle.” I find this hard to believe.
The next month, Xu proceeded to enter Zhupao into a “multilateral cooperation strategy” with the CCP and WHO- when he had openly criticized the CCP only months earlier and when they had tried to start an investigation into him only a month earlier. Why would he do that? Why would he enter into a deal with a governing body that had tried to paint him as the villain?
Well, it’s no secret that China led the response to the CMD pandemic. And what is CMD? A Piscine transmissible amyloidotic encephalopathy (PTAE), affecting the brain. Therefore, it is monitored through G6, a neural implant.
And what better way to hijack someone’s brain than from the inside.
Think about it, the concept for G6- the base premise of a biosurveillance network- was pioneered in the Chinese government’s overhaul of their healthcare system- known as mìngyùn- in Febuary of 2040. The Chinese government proposed the idea three months before G6 was revealed to the public. Could it be that they developed G6 technology before Zhupao?
And if so, would it be possible that they could have used this technology to hijack Xu Shaoyong’s brain, simultaneously eliminating opposition to their controlling practices and gaining them a promising asset in the form of a powerful business-person’s loyalty.
Why kill off their most powerful pawn then? If he were such an important asset in the CCP’s fight for power, why sacrifice him? The answer is that they didn’t.
It’s easy, perhaps even poetic, to think that Xu regained his own mind for a few brief seconds and that the CCP pulled the plug once they lost control. But the signs point to a more difficult answer.
According to the snippet on Xu Shaoyong’s death, “Chinese authorities are treating the incident as a malicious attack.” They didn’t plan this. They don’t know who planned this. They’re completely in the dark.
And that- it’s terrifying. A group obsessed with control and surveillance was unable to see this coming. Just who are we dealing with?


He must have had business enemies, sure - like they designer he never paid for Zong - but it’s not just anyone that can control a drone capable of a strike like that. So whoever it was, it was someone that meant business and someone with a lot of power and resources.

It’s simple everyone, the fungus did it.


Wow. Didn’t they hook up Specimen 6b/35-N8 to a neural colloid? And do we know how the drones were controlled? Because if the drones were controlled via neural colloid, then there is a chance that “the fungus did it”.
Now all we have to do is figure out what an ancient sentient mushroom had against Xu Shaoyong. :rofl: Never thought I’d say that.


I kept saying giving the giant fungus a colloid was a bad idea!


Now I extra really want to know what Clement is claiming the fungus communicated to him!

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