Xu Shaoyong and the CCP

I realise the subject is identical to @Hsiung_Is_A_Robot 's “Xu Shooyong tried to warn us” Topic, but I’d like to take their observation in a completely different direction and a new Topic seemed appropriate.

A little recap of the relevant facts :

  • May 2037 : Sanial colloid classified as class III IMD, decision attributed to tensions between Xu and the CCP.

  • June-November 2037 : ongoing conflict between Xu and the CCP (using Huawei as a patsy) as they class Huawei’s rival colloid as a Class I, accusations of proprerty theft.

  • March 2040 : Xu accuses the CCP of covering up biosurveillance as healthcare.

  • April 2040 : former CCP general Xi Jinping demands investigation against Xu for “inciting subversion of state power” and “violations of law and discipline.”. The CCDI declines, attributed to a power struggle inside the politburo.

  • Spetember-October 2040 : Xu is suddenly buddy buddy with the CCP, resurrecting the mìngyùn program with the use of G6.

So let me get this straight : the politburo keeps getting into conflict with Xu. Xu is accused of subverting state power. The politburo has an internal power struggle. Then the politburo is allied with Xu.

What happened ? Could be that their priorities simply shifted, or maybe they simply saw that Xu was the more popular choice of who to back up. Or it could be that Xu actually backed, orchestrated or was in some way involved with CCP’s power struggle, and ended up on the side of the victors.

I just don’t see Xu simply starting to work with people who caused him so much trouble, unless those people weren’t involved anymore. And I don’t see why the CCP wouldn’t simply keep going with Huawei, when Xu had been so antagonistic in the past.

Like this is too “consiracy theory” for me, but something is going on, and I don’t think it’s mind control (sorry).

So yeah. Thoughts ? Anyone has any idea about what went on there ?

(I also don’t think this has anything to do with Xu’s death - if anything did happen there, it was 9 years ago. If someone wanted Xu dead for that, they’d have taken their shot already)