What if Adria was framed?

I don’t think that Adria caused that drone to go haywire. This whole thing just screams cover-up to me.
First of all, it feels like they blamed this on Adria WAY too quick. There were mentions of the attack being linked to Adria present on Omnipedia the day of the attack, even before the MPS stated that there was a “strong link” to Adria. Also, Adria is a super-hacker, yet they were able to to track down the specific terminal the attack came from and arrest a suspect in less than 2 hours (Hong Lian was arrested 15:20 IST, or 18:20 CST). That just sounds fishy
Second of all, we don’t even know who or what Adria is, and the only thing we know about their motive is that they don’t seem to like Zhupao. That just screams “scapegoat” to me.

Now, why would Omnipedia, and by extension Zhupao, immediately blame the attack on Adria. Well, it’s simple. The way the public originally found out about Adria was through a leak of G6 data, meaning Zhupao were using G6 to track them. This was illegal, as Zhupao was breaking the WHO charter rules. Now, lets say that for some reason Zhupao wanted to continue doing this without scrutiny. What would be the best way to make it so that the tracking of Adria was viewed as morally ethical by the general populace? Easy.
Make Adria look like a terrorist.
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And also : we have not a single shred of evidence that Adira even exists except that G6 told us that they do, and they told us that to justify a worldspanning human rights violation as counterterrorism.

Adira existing actually tracks with their behavior - a ping on the Adira search lead to an increased biorisk rating, which led to increased contact tracing, which is a logical thing to do if you’re trying to locate an individual going by that name.

But still. Adira might just be some rando who pissed off G6 for all we know, if they’re even an actual person and not one of the many, many other things you could catch by tracing people.

the following is quibbles that don’t matter but that I feel a compulsive need to point out :
The terminal being easily found can actually track as a false lead left by Adira, they could just have accessed a random computer remotely and left the connection easily traceable as a red herring to better hide their actual location. source : i know nothing about hacking