Adira doesn't exist

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I didn’t think about it much at the time, but I think @El_Rhinochtone was right with this. Adira isn’t real, it’s all a distraction and we’re just chasing our tails looking for them.

Notice that on the 02/10 entry for Adira, the whole background with regard to the name
and Nuance’s involvement was available, but now it’s been edited out.

While we’re all looking at Adira, what are we NOT looking at?


I mean to be clear, I think it’s very possible that someone named Adira does exist, and I think it is certain that something named Adira exists (otherwise they wouldn’t search for it).
It’s just that Adira may just be some guy who bullied a G6 executive when they were kids, or be a piece of code that somehow allows non-G6 members access to the colloid network, or anything really.

Heck adira might be exactly what they say it is, its just… well, what have they done, exactly, with their “unfettered accessed to the networks in use by G6” that they’ve had for years ?

As for what we’re not looking at… I haven’t seen much speculation as to why Xu was murdered ? There were other people on that helicopter. Was Xu even the main target ?

Assuming that he was, and that the murder was calculated, I think there are two very important questions to be asked :

  1. What can be accomplished by killing him ?
  2. Who would want whatever that is to happen ?

It’s one of those chicken and egg things, where answering those questions would make finding the guilty party easier… but answering those questions without knowing who’s to blame is incredibly hard :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

My first instinct would be to draw up a list of suspects and possible motives and see if any pairing screams “it” but uh… the list of suspects is enormous. So I’m not even sure where to begin there, beyond waiting for more info to see if it sparks anything

EDIT : @T4NG0.M4NG0 was the first to posit that Adira doesn’t exist, as far as I’m aware, so full credit to them

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But are they really looking for Adira, or just using the ‘looking’ as an excuse for greater surveillance?

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But are they really looking for Adira, or just using the ‘looking’ as an excuse for greater surveillance?


Honestly, I’m of the opinion that so long as we have basically zero information on who or what Adira is, they don’t even count as a real suspect. Because even if we know for certain that Adira did do it, that basically gives us no new information.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong about speculating about Adira in general (because there’s definitely something weird going on there), it’s just that speculating on what they have to do with the assassination is just a distraction right now