This is a Troubleshooting thread.
If you have:

  • a technical issue while browsing Omnipedia
  • a technical issue while using the Omnipedia App or Pipeline
  • an usability issue while using the Omnipedia App, such as a setting you’d like to change or a new shortcut that would be helpful for your usage

please share them in this thread.

The Omnipedia Team and other users will do their best to help you.


Hello! The latest version of the app doesn’t seem to be working quite right for me when I launch through the desktop app (Omnipedia version 5, Itch version 25.6.2)

Running the executable from the game folder works perfectly so it might just be an issue with my itch setup, but I thought I’d share anyway just in case someone else has similar problems.

Basically when I open the app Pipeline doesn’t load. I see a blank screen with both the web and Pipeline buttons. The four web buttons (back, forward, home, refresh) are clickable but don’t do anything, and the Pipeline controls under that don’t respond to hover or click. The title of the application in Windows is “Browser starting…”.

I can still open a new tab, which loads omnipedia (although the tabs all have the title “Loading…”). Also, on the Omnipedia home page the privacy settings banner appears and the buttons are hidden offscreen. When running from the game folder the privacy settings stuff is completely absent.

Just a quick question: If I already own the game, do I still have to buy it through again to have access to pipeline?
Looking forward to use the tool, awesome addittion to omnipedia :slight_smile:

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I was also wondering this!

We would be more than happy to offer download keys to the Omnipedia App if you’ve previously supported Neurocracy with a purchase :slight_smile:

Check your DMs :eye: :eye:


Thank you for writing such a detailed bug report. Based on what I’ve seen, I think it’s most likely to be an issue with filepaths i.e. the app is trying to access its own data folder on your computer, and it seems to be unable to access it when you start it from itch.


  • Is there anything special about your itch setup? Did you change its default folder path, or use any special setting?
  • Do you happen to use MacOs or Linux?

Aha! I’m on Windows 10 and don’t have any special install folder set up, but it does look like a different permissions issue.

If I turn off the Itch sandbox everything works as expected :exploding_head:

(but I might keep it on and just run from the folder - doesn’t look like they’ve added per-app sandbox settings yet)

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Alright, makes sense! The itch sandbox purpose is to make it hard for games to access anything that is not the downloaded game files, and the Omnipedia App data folder is located outside of the downloaded files.

There shouldn’t be any issue if you run the game directly from the folder. The only thing is that you might only get auto updates when you run the itch installer, so you’ll have to run it if a new version is out!

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