Now available: Pipeline, a collaborative investigation tool

A word from the team

The Omnipedia community is shocked and saddened by the tragic death of Xu Shaoyong. He was a staunch supporter of our mission to offer a reliable source of balanced, responsible, and accurate information.

In these unprecedented times, we believe the public should be given all the means to make sense of our world. That is why we have installed a version of Pipeline directly into our Omnipedia App.

Pipeline is a celebrated crowdsourcing tool that allows individual users to collect disparate pieces of information, connect them, and share them with their peers to contribute to a community-scale knowledge base.

With Pipeline, you’ll be able to select snippets from Omnipedia and paste them into your personal knowledge board. This will help you sort and connect information information, not unlike the iconic “conspiracy boards” seen in detective movies.

Once you are satisfied with your board, you can choose to upload it to the Pipeline server. With each update, Pipeline will aggregate all uploaded boards into a single knowledge graph. This community board represents the current state of the community’s investigation as a whole.

Even if you have a niche speciality or can only contribute to a single topic, your investigative work will be part of a collaborative effort to reveal hidden answers to important questions.

Using Pipeline

Pipeline is integrated within the latest version of the Omnipedia App. We highly recommend installing the Omnipedia App via the official installer, which will automatically provide you with the latest updates.

Once enough boards have been uploaded to the Pipeline Server, we will aggregate them in a community board and share it with you each time Omnipedia is updated.

Note that the integration of Pipeline into Omnipedia is still in its testing phase. If you have a question or suggestion, or you encounter any issues, we invite you to share them with us in this dedicated thread.

– The Omnipedia Team