Found De Silva, let's see if he sticks around this time

On Zhupao’s article :

On October 6th 2049, The People’s Daily reported that Zhupao is in the midst of a succession crisis, with CEO Chen’s position as acting executive chair described as “untenable” and Roshan De Silva singled out as a “kingmaker” due to his close ties to Xu. [10]

If he is in such a powerful place in the company, then it would make sense for De Silva to erase any mention of sexual harrassment.

No idea why he wouldn’t want to be associated to Sri Lanka, unless this somehow went badly or there’s another lawsuit against him while he worked there.

Knowing that he is in such a powerful position inside the company makes the erasures extra suspicious imo. Why isn’t he replacing them with a glowing endorsement of his character and leadership ? I mean maybe he just couldn’t find any sources :person_shrugging: but it’s kinda weird.


And in case the citation goes away:

  1. Wang, D. (October 2049). “Zhupao wrestling with looming succession crisis.” The People’s Daily.

To me it seems like either de Silva wants to be mostly invisible, or someone else wants him to be. He seems to be pretty well connected - ties to the Sri Lankan government and one of the country’s most powerful families, connected to Xu, formerly at UNFRA. Maybe he’s doing the kinds of work that are better done without a lot of light or attention on them.


He’s gone again, and one of the references to Zhupao’s neural mining endeavors went with him.

It was a short but interesting mention on the blankout article in the “Possible Causes” section when the update went live, but it’s gone now:

The leading hypothesis relates blankouts to some kind of blockage or other abnormality with the flow of blood in the brain. This hypothesis has been linked to the rise in cases of cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD), which was first detected by G6 in 2047. CSVD has been known to briefly block the flow of blood to specific parts of the brain and cause memory loss. Other working theories include an epileptic event and, a mass psychogenic illness (MPI), a symptom of Zhupao’s neural mining operation, and an early onset of the second wave of the CMD pandemic.


Per this thread from a few days ago, De Silva first appeared on Omnipedia as the identity of the fourth body recovered from the helicopter. Now, it’s possible that that was legitimately incorrect, but, if not, then it’s a mistake to attribute the scrubbing of mentions of De Silva to De Silva himself, because he’s dead.

Not sure who else would want De Silva hidden though, or why. If Zhupao is engaging in mass (possibly illegal) neural mining, it makes sense they’d want to cover that up. But De Silva is just, like, some guy.