Efrim Waite went missing? Excuse me?

Okay, so, what? Why did they feel the need to escape a protection team? Were they actually being held captive? For what reason?

I know we have next to no information but this is so random. It was like 15 years ago, but could this have anything to do with their strange 2nd album? It’s the only other mention of him on Omnipedia that I can find, so maybe I’m just grasping at straws.


I’m also full of questions and concern regarding Efrim’s disappearance. Escaping your own protection team? Not kidnapping or disappearing but escaping.

Omni has one other mention of Efrim outside of their music/Polysemic Sortilege; they founded a nanobiotech company called Debtera Pharma. Debtera was acquired by Zhupao in 2033 - the same year that Efrim’s bandmate died and they released that utterly bizarre second solo album (after giving Xu an unedited pre-release copy.)

Now Xu has been murdered and the next day Efrim goes missing…I don’t know whether Efrim’s disappearance is directly related to that album, but I’d still give a lot to know how Xu’s copy is different from the final release.



The more I think about it and reread this post, the more I wonder if @polysemiccartilage might be a lot more than just a fan. Maybe even Efrim Waite…??

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I wish - just a big fan. But given all this about a protection team, maybe I don’t wish so much as I used to.

My question about the “protection team,” given Efrim’s escape - who are they protecting? Who, or what, are they protecting from?

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Ooooooo like maybe they weren’t protecting Efrim from something but protecting US from Efrim? That 2nd album was intense.

If we get any hint of Efrim being connected to the :mushroom: I may scream.

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And speaking of the 2nd album… Xu Shaoyong owned an unedited prerelease version.

Efrim was reported missing on the 2nd October. Reported missing… as in, they probably went missing 12-24 hours earlier. So on the 1st October. The same day that drone shot Shaoyong down.

Probably just a creepy coincidence. Right?




something’s going on here. has anyone tried listening to their songs in reverse?



If that’s not a coincidence, that could explain why Zhupao was looking for Adria in the first place

There were never any cyberattacks! This was all just Xu Shaoyong trying to get his favorite band back together!