A mushroom metaphor

So Specimen 6b/35-N8 - it’s pretty cool.

It’s also a single, integrated system - a sole entity - which on the surface, to the casual observer, looks like myriad disconnected, independent organisms.

Because its surface appearance is so misleading, the fungus existed for 11 millennia and grew to cover more than 5,000 square km (for reference, Tokyo + London + NYC = 4,553 square km) before anyone noticed it was one being - with one purpose.

So tell me - how would you describe the United Nations? How would you describe the World Health Organisation?

How would you describe G6?


It spread an extraordinary distance before any of us noticed, that’s for sure.

Nice to see a fellow Polysemic Sortilege fan on here, @polysemiccartilage!

They are all so entangled that if you tried to change one it would impact them all. And the consequences would be beyond what we can even see right now.

On that note, I feel like we haven’t heard anything from Efrim Waite in awhile.

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@SamanthaSpice I’m not super up to date on pharma news, but I read that he started up Debtera Pharma - back before Zhupao acquired it.

Well shit, it sorta feels like Zhupao has a finger in everything doesn’t it? Like when we learned in school about Disney acquiring all the media.