Cupoid's Arrow murder trial; defendant guilty or an elaborate cover up?

We’ve seen the power these corporations hold within their hands, especially when Artificial Intelligence is involved; and yet are we supposed to blindly follow AYFR’s view? Who’s to say Cupoid isn’t running their own legal defense, manipulating the defendant with the same tactics as to what caused the tragic death of Bohuslav Skinner? They’ve already tried to spin it off as if you could not blame the Cupoid, just because it’s “interactive entertainment,” when we all know it’s much more than that.
We must not remain silent, letting this atrocity be blamed on the wrong person, let us come together and fight for Mx. Poingdestre!



I’m kinda torn on the whole thing. Euphoria’s done nothing to back up their allegations about Poingdestre but on the other hand, I’ve got a gut feeling there’s a third party involved. Who knows! Maybe Poingdestre’s not even a real person, y’know? All we know about her before she got on the show is she was a forklift operator but her name’s Pointdexter for crying out loud. Maybe she was brainwashed before she got on the show and Poingdestre’s just an implanted personality and whoever’s behind this all wants to take Euphoria down? Earlybird’s gotta have some enemies.


There’s a stub on the Blankout page for “Brainjacking”, I wonder if the victim of brainjacking would even be aware that it happened? Seems like a potential way to make someone commit a crime involuntarily whilst feeling like they’re totally in control.

I think it’s hard to say beyond reasonable doubt that Poingdestre is lying about believing that Skinner wasn’t real.


Whatever the situation is, Poingdestre deciding to suffocate someone while being filmed speaks to something unusual going on. I don’t know if I’d jump to “justice” hashtags, though. She said herself that she was completely aware of what she did.

Assuming something weird was going on with the Cupoid though…her statement that Skinner “was not real” makes me wonder if she wasn’t the only one affected. What if Cupoid actually did something to Skinner to lead Mx. Poingdestre to believe that?

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The fact that the prosecution is going for “sole responsibility” and ignoring all of this nuance is making me roll my eyes. Have we ever seen anything like Cupoid before? We have to consider their influence on Poingdestre. And NOT in a “grab pitchforks against AI way” but who knows what their programming says? Earlybird could have put some code in that Cupoid themself isn’t even aware of. There’s just a lot going on here and I worry about the ramifications from the outcome of this trial.

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Even she was completely aware of what she did, AYFR? still let it happen. Aren’t these shows supposed to monitor the mental health of their contestants? Was there really no one on site to break up fights? I’m sceptical of her claims of AI brainwashing but the network is at the very least guilty of recklessly endangering Skinner.

Either the set and the AI had dangerously little oversight or someone saw her pull out that pool toy and decided to sit back and let it happen


I do agree it is somewhat odd she stated she was comepletely aware, however I would think that adds credit to her story, as she “also disputed initial reports that she had suffered a blankout during the murder”, which could’ve been an out.

That is an interesting theory, which we should all keep in mind as the trial continues. Based off this idea, it may explain the network’s incompetence as pointed out by @ribbit :

The Prosecution states the following: “Mx. Poingdestre was in possession of her faculties and capable of distinguishing between reality and hyperreality at the time the murder was committed," yet how would they have this information immediately available to them? Unless they were monitoring the defendants thought’s during this atrocity, I don’t see how they’d have this information readily available.

We’ll find out during the trial ig, who knows what unaired footage or psych evals they have.

You raise an interesting point that whoever was overseeing them might have been brainwashed as well, I just assumed they were willing to put people in danger for “entertainment”. But that might be my bias speaking, I always found Earlybird obnoxious personally, even back in his esports days. Assuming brainwashing is possible it would definitvely make sense to cover a conspiracy that way. I just don’t see the end goal here, what’s the point in going through all this trouble to kill some b-list streamer and plant therapist (what even is that?)

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Perhaps it’s to be as entertaining as possible? Might be a paperclip situation.

“Suppose we have an AI whose only goal is to make as many paper clips as possible. The AI will realize quickly that it would be much better if there were no humans because humans might decide to switch it off. Because if humans do so, there would be fewer paper clips. Also, human bodies contain a lot of atoms that could be made into paper clips. The future that the AI would be trying to gear towards would be one in which there were a lot of paper clips but no humans.”

Nick Bostrom

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And the AI would be right I’ve never seen as much discussion about a reality show then I have since that episode aired. Granted it’s definitvely getting canned now but it was frontpage news for a week and every true crime hack and conspiracy theorist is having a field day, so if you define “entertainment” by engagement metrics like a robot it was a roaring success

my money is on the Mushroom brainjacking her

all the signs are there

Bohuslav Skinner was a plant therapist… but what kind of plant needs therapy? and how would they communicate? what if he made it angry?

remember that today’s featured article is about a fungus with a zhupao neuroid in it, and zhupao own this place. a coincidence? Specimen 6b/35-N8 is not to be trusted, marfa is innocent


I have to wonder if there have been other incidents previously that were never made public? I’m very interested in seeing what evidence comes up in the trial, and if there are previous accounts of the Cupoid AI or the production team crossing ethical boundaries. This seems like too big an escalation for it to have been the first incident.


Why would 6b care about murdering some random guy, though ? like i get that he’s a plant therapist, but there’s no evidence that he ever interacted with the shroom in any way.

Seems more likely to me that the AI just f*cked up. It’s designed to generate dares based on contestant’s personnalities and behavior, and if poingdestre was unstable in some way Cupid could have simply generated murder as a dare and pushed her to do it. Just doing its job in the worst possible way

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I want to remind people to keep in mind that fungi are definitely not plants! They are an entirely separate kingdom, one that based on DNA evidence is actually more closely related to animals than plants. So based on their profession as a plant therapist Skinner wouldn’t really have had a reason to mess with 6b/35-N8. :mushroom:


Hopefully it’ll be brought up in the court proceedings, who knows how many have been harmed in the creation of AYFR?.

seems like an A.I. was tasked with facilitating situations that make a show as popular as possible and that it has succeeded in it’s stated goals:

Viewership of the first day of the trial peaked at over 120 million

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