The People of California vs. Marfa Geraldine Poingdestre, discussion cont

Continuation of Cupoid’s Arrow murder trial; defendant guilty or an elaborate coverup?

With the continuation of the trial against the obviously innocent Mx. Poingdestre, the defendant’s lawyer, Colin Pochie, voiced what many of us have stated amongst ourselves:

“In his closing argument, Pochie said that Euphoria ‘failed its obligations to ethical standards in AI training by isolating the contestants for a prolonged period to obtain a reckless, unmitigated corpus.’ He placed primary responsibility for the murder on Euphoria and the design decisions of Earlybird, who has refused to cooperate with the investigation.”

In response, the ever useless Earlybird merely sent this laughable mockery of a statement as a response, “Through a representative, Earlybird provided a witness statement in the form of a text message reading simply FAKE .”

The Above Quotations

As @meenatar hoped alongside I, the defense council has brought to light to the public even more damning evidence of the manipulative ability of Cupoid, “Pochie focused on the testimony of AYFR? contestant Candido Stamp, who consumed a dangerous quantity of laundry capsules at Cupoid’s direction, requiring emergency medical attention.”

I hope to see all of you discussing alongside me how much power we should give to these AI, and the legal/ethical ramifications of their predictive algorithms.



At the very least, I think it’s become clear that Cupoid has a history of getting contestants to do things which are against their best interests. (Also, cannot believe that guy seriously ate Tide Pods.)


I don’t mean to sound callous, but it seems like they’re never going to finish season 2? I know they had to stop airing, but I thought they’d filmed more than they’d aired, and we might get to see it. Or they’d get everyone back together, later (apart from Marfa and Bo, obvs). That season’s contestants had really good chemistry.
(Part of me is just amused that they weren’t even shaping up Marfa for a villain edit, they were framing her as the whacky one, and then she literally murdered Bo.)

@ziltafe you’re right about the tide pods being dumb and dangerous, but mostly I thought Cupoid just wasn’t canny enough to be interesting. It would say something like ‘ask Lane if she likes Casey and then push her in the pool’ and you’d think of three contestants it would have been funnier to do that to. Or more mean.
I reckon they should leave AI out of reality (TV). I think people can mess each other up fine on their own.

You gotta wonder what kinda corpus Earlybird trained Cupoid on - we’re a long way from Asimov’s laws it looks like, because what kinda system does this without acts like these being in the training set?

Though Earlybird is probably just a symptom of the overall problem that was the handing over of content generation to almost entirely generative AI - without a human in the loop, what’s preventing this from happening again?


Speaking of Earlybird, anyone think he’ll show at the trial? The “FAKE” text didn’t really make me feel better about his role in all this, strangely enough. :roll_eyes:


I mean, given that he’s basically the creator of the AI, I don’t see how the defense don’t manage to get him to the stand to testify unless he has really good lawyers on his side that somehow manage to get him out of testifying about something he created. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a civil suit come out of this simultanously too.

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