Xu & the CCP - Who's Really in Charge?

The interactions between the CCP and Xu Shaoyong between the discovery of CMD in July 2039 and April 2040 are incredibly suspicious; even more when you consider that Xu was already on the outs with the CCP - his membership was suspended and he’d been on probation since January 2039.

December 2039: Zhupao announces a WHO partnership for CMD tracing
February 2040: The CCP announces mingyun in partnership with Huawei
April 2040:

  • Xu fires the CTO of Zhupao, who was a ranking CCP member
  • He then restructures the company to limit CCP decision-making power
  • THEN on April 3 he holds a press conference to publicly criticize mingyun & the CCP, accusing them of biosurveillance etc., and their treatment of Cariappa

April 7: CCP orders an investigation into Xu
April 9: All trading of Zhupay is halted, likely on CCP orders
April 10: A convenient data leak exposes the connections between mingyun and the CCP, basically proving Xu’s accusations right
April 12: b/c of Politburo concessions, no case is filed against Xu. Development of mingyun is halted. The trading stop on Zhupay is lifted.
May 3: Zhupao enters into a cooperation strategy with the WHO and the CCP, which included using Zhupao’s colloids in China instead of Huawei’s hardware

HOW did Xu manage to pull this off? What kind of connections did he have among the CCP elite? Who was invested enough in his success to spend their social capital on this? The timing of the data leak that proved his accusations to be correct was awfully convenient.