William Lassgard

What on earth is going on with this guy? “Assassinated” in 2039 and now turns up dead 10 years later in Russia after living there under an assumed identity. Did he fake the original assassination to avoid facing the music for CMD, or did he survive a real attempt and go into hiding?

What has he died of?

Is this related to Xu’s assassination? Or fellow person-who-lived-in-Russia Golitsyn? Seems like too much of a coincidence to not be related to at least one of them.


Agreed, super coincidental. Who stands to benefit from taking Lassgard out now, when he’s already been effectively “dead” for ten years?

And if he was hiding so well all this time, how did someone find him now? Was Yuri protecting him for some reason and now with him gone, Lassgard was vulnerable?

What the heck?


…do y’all think he had the Baffle cloak that Yuri had? Idk why Yuri dying would render the cloak meaningless like a D&D spell but who knows!


He could’ve! Or some other crazy privacy tech, which seems to be Pokrov’s specialty.

I do think baffle tech may be how Connie Muren pulled her disappearing act on the train. (Though why Yuri would assist her with that is anyone’s guess right now.)

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Oh man, now I want to track all the people that Yuri could have potentially gifted Baffle to.


Ohhhhhh I wonder if that’s how Efrim ditched their security detail. Efrim was one of the earliest Pokrov investors.


Honestly, I think if you’re rich enough, you don’t need a baffle to disappear into a planet of billions of people.

The connection to Muren though is really compelling. That would explain a lot about her disappearance.