Why was Yuri Golitsyn even in that helicopter?

According to Golitsyn’s staff, he had cancelled his plans to attend the PRC centenary and recalled his advance team. He then got on a helicopter with Xu Shaoyong, a man he has historically had a public dislike for, traveled to Beijing Daxing International Airport, and died in a hacked drone strike.

What happened that made him change his plans so drastically? Who initiated the meet-up on the helicopter? Was this even the first time Yuri Golitsyn and Xu Shaoyong had met in private? No one even knew Golitsyn was in that helicopter until the body was identified, was he just collateral damage?

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Also what were those rumors about a 4th person in the helicopter about? Considering Golitsyn got in there pretty much without anyone noticing, I have no doubt that there could’ve been yet another passanger just like some of the airport officials claimed. The question is who the heck could’ve that been and why is it potentially being hidden from the public?

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I wonder if that airport official actually saw four bodies or if people were just reading too much into their comments… either way someone should keep an eye on them, make sure they don’t suddenly decide to go partying with Efrim Waite if you get what I mean :man_detective: