What's Second Advent/JP's role in all this?

When today’s updates went live, John Patmos’s article said the following:

On October 9th 2049, a video address from Patmos was uploaded to one of Second Advent’s networks, ordering “all soldiers of the Second Advent to gather in San Antonio, where lies salvation from the Storm.” In the video, Patmos claimed to be responsible for the creation of acquired deficiency of the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (ADIRA), calling it “a great plague that will wash away those who have succumbed to the Antichrist.”

We know that during his time at Deutsche Bank, Patmos was involved in some shady trading on behalf of Chinese entities, essentially designed to destabilize US democratic systems, and that his partner in that, Sun Jingyu, was formerly associated with Pinduoduo and Zhupao, and “committed suicide” after making a plea deal to testify against the bank and his colleagues.

Was the video really Patmos, or was it an AI fake as some are claiming? Taking credit for something like this is very much in Second Advent’s wheelhouse to further their own agenda but it seems like some other connections may also be at play.

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For a long time now I’ve believed that whatever Second Advent says publicly is pretty much the exact opposite of the truth. =') AI fakes are waaay too convincing for myself these days, so I just tend to believe those who have more technical knowledge of the subject. So yeah, I think the Patmos on that video was fake. Also all of that “we created ADIRA” sounds like the most stupid claim I’ve heard in a while.

What bugs me is this: why was the Patmos video created by AI? Where is the real man, what is he doing these days; heck, is he even alive? And if not, who is the one benefitting from making it look like he is still pulling the strings…?

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