What the mushroom said - well now we know

I remember some time ago there was a lot of discussion about what Specimen 6b could/would say, if Theo Clement was right about their communications.

Well, it looks like we do have an answer now.

Clement said he had co-created a language with 6b that could be translated into English, which revealed the “first words” spoken by 6b:

Breathe with me.
Feel mites are hungry.
Cold then hot then cold then hot.
Specimen 6b/35-N8 | Omnipedia

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This reads like the kind of fraud “communication” that was had with koko the gorilla.

Bets on this translation sourced to nothing more complex than

Response to carbon dioxide
Response to mite damage
Response to temperature change

This seems like a really good analysis. I really wanted to talk to the mushroom, though. Dang.