What happened in India?

I know most of us have our minds pretty preoccupied by our recent CMD diagnoses and the things we’ve learned about neural mining and stuff… But let’s talk about Dharwad, India for a second.

On October 8th 2049, Amankwah-Crouse issued a livestream from a rental flat in Dharwad, India, claiming that Connie Muren has been murdered by a Russian man identified as Matvey Kozlov, and that she managed to kill Kozlov in self-defence.

Whhh… What?! So Muren was alive all along, but NOW she isn’t, because she attended some sort of “mysteriously disappeared people” -club meeting where another missing dude, Kozlow, murdered her, and THEN Amankwah-Crouse killed him in return. I just… I don’t even know what to say?? Does anyone have literally any hint of an idea what might’ve happened there? Because I surely do not.

This also makes me so dang worried for the safety of the other missing people, like Cariappa and Lian. Where are THEY, are they in danger, too? At least I think Amankwah-Crouse was smart when she put up the live stream like that, as now everyone knows a little bit of what happened and have their eyes on her. If that wasn’t the case, I’m sure officials could’ve made her, too, disappear quietly and very permanently.