Wandering the Squirming Multiplicities

It’s finally time to wander the squirming multiplicities!

We’ve been waiting for this album for a long while and in my opinion it definitely did not disappoint. That’s the good Waite stuff we all know and love! It’s hard to pick a favorite track from all of that goodness, but Acid Temple is just such a strong opening to the album that I think I’ll name that one as mine.

What’s your opinions on the album? (Also if there happens to be someone knowledgeable about examining music files, I think it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek into these in case Waite left some sort of secret message into their farewell songs. The dude apparenly just disappeared from this plane of existence after all.)


Acid Temple is my favourite too, absolute banger. Worth the wait.

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aaaa I’ve waited so long to hear this Album and I’m beyond excited ehehe
The Ruins of Shalban Vihara got to be my favorite.
I have absolutely no experience in examining music files but I’m currently trying to listen to the songs in different ways like reversed, faster, slower, pitch normalised and so on.
Maybe there’s the phrase “This is the end” heared in Joy Khali reversed but that also might be my imagination at this point.

Something else I found interesting: The first official Finally Awake tournament.

  • I might get confused on how to correctly read the times in the different time zones, but if the tournament lasted until 04:30 PT (01:30pm CET) how could Efrim be in Paris (00:51 PT/09:51 CET) and at the detonation (01:19 PT/10:19 CET)? Please correct me if I’m simply messing up the time zones.

  • Take a look at the names of the songs, which names got chosen for the newly generated tracks:
    “Lord & Master” is about someones dream turning dark as them being forced to sacrifice their appearance and her artistic integrity for a different kind of performance. Also the lyrics " I started to feel like I was trapped in a giant plastic ball".
    “666666” lyrics speak of a double devil, the brain in a casino, being the mirror and not “you”.
    “Sortez-moi de moi” meaning “get me out of me” with fitting lyrics.
    “La Bombe Humaine” meaning “the human bomb”. Considering that the detonation Efrim was at wasn’t caused by a bomb, the “human bomb” thing makes me think.
    “Street Punk” not very meaningful I guess, maybe the phrases “I don’t feel like I’m here
    No I am, not afraid of death, nor of Lucifer” and being fed up by all the fakes (thinking of Earlybirds statement on SorryTube)
    For That Which Howls In Multiples We know that one. A quick reminder: "Pitchfork praised Waite’s eagerness to “return to Polysemic Sortilege’s early sound” and described the album as “a noxious, intricate soundscape pulsing with slow-moving chaos, loss, and the sense that Waite is begging to be heard.” The Guardian called the album “a two-hour, heart-wrenching epic, an abandoned lover’s plea echoing from the depths of hell.”
    “Qu’ils ont de la chance” lyrics about death and not being able to deal with it while knowing that the dead are lucky to be gone from this world.

So because of this and also because of the comment of Tiama, who "described the tournament’s Tracks as being “of a quality on par with Domian’s finest work. You could really feel the emotion in it, as if Mekhane was struggling to tell you something but could only speak in nightmares.” I feel like there might be a connection between Domian and Mekhane. Maybe Mekhane is Domians personality (or fractures of it) trapped inside the network. And maybe there’s more souls/personalities/beings trapped in a dream like state without their awake counterparts realising. Just a quick thought tho.


Wow, you are absolutely right! Time zones are confusing as all heck, but according to my math these times don’t make sense either. =0 So the first question on my mind is was the tournament broadcasted live? Events like this usually are so I assumed it was, but now that I think about it, I don’t find any direct wording that would state so. The only thing said was that “The participants traversed six new Tracks before reaching the Throne Room, with each Track designed and adapted live by Mekhane.” Like yeah, the tracks were adapted live for the players, but was all of that live for the audience…?

If it turns out it WAS shown live, we do actually have another case where Waite’s whereabouts don’t make much sense. It was when Djebarri died: “Waite’s whereabouts on August 3rd 2033 remain contentious. Compiled footage from various sources showed Waite in Chile, Japan, South Africa, and Sweden throughout the day.” Back then it was dismissed as hacking, but who knows…

Another detail I noticed while checking this out was another peculiar thing about the Finally Awake game. I don’t have a thorough understanding of the game mechanics, but to me this sounded odd:

After confirming their victory in the Throne Room, Waite seemingly used the their White Lady ability to shatter the ground, allowing them to fall out of bounds.

Because according to the role listing on the page Waite should’ve been Evil eye, not White lady…? I guess it’s possible Camacho (who was the White lady) used their ability on Waite and Waite just triggered the effect at that time, but that’s really not what the wording seems to suggest.

This, as wild as it sounds, is also another really interesting idea! Especially considering Domian woke up from his coma just after the tournament. And in his first post after that he used emoticons of an opossum (his usual avatar) and a racoon (Waite’s avatar). Did… Waite wake him up from the coma through the game…? Did Finally Awake end up being even more true to its name than anyone would’ve thought?

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So, that one also confused me. It would make sense after reading the description of the White Ladys ability: “Once per Track, the White Lady can choose a word. When that word has been said three times in the subvocal chat, the ground and environment around the player that last said it will disappear.” Maybe Efrim simply said that chosen word three times (would be interesting to know which word it was) and triggered the effect as you suggest, BUT. It says “once per track” and the White Ladys player (Tiana Camacho) was already eliminated since round 5. :thinking: I’m also not sure what’s the meaning of this.

I love the thought ahaha I didn’t even notice that connection xD All in all, including the weird departure Wait made, I too feel like there is more to the game and the tournament than it seems!

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Okay so I talked to someone who watched the game, and as far as I understood, Camacho indeed had used their ability before they were eliminated and Waite just triggered it by saying the assigned word 3rd time. There is still the mystery of how Waite knew to trigger the word on such a crucial moment and what did the glitch it caused actually do to the game, but at least that one mystery was solved. Seems like was actually corrected in Omnipedia, too!

((OOC under spoiler.))

The devs confirmed that there was just a typo in that text. They’ve fixed it now to what it was supposed to be!

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