Tony, are you still here?

Today there was a worrying statement in the Omnipedia page of Tony not being online for a good while. @TonyHsiung, can you still access this forum, or are you completely locked out of everything Omnipedia related? It would be great to hear if everything is okay on that side of the screen or not!


Do not worry about me, I am fine :slight_smile:

Oh, so good to hear that! <3 What do you have to say about this:

On October 7th 2049, several Omnipedia editors reported that Hsiung has not been online throughout the day, leading to speculation that he has been removed as editor-in-chief.

Has your position within Omnipedia changed and where were you when you were offline? Just like us Omnipedia users your editors were also worried about you as well!

(Edit.) Also just out of curiosity… Are you the only one currently monitoring these forums or are there other Omnipedia employees doing that, too? I mean if we were to ask you something completely silly, like if you are currrently being blackmailed or forced to do things, would they find out? Jus as an example! =)

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