The current state of Efrim Waite

How aren’t more people talking about the newest leaked photo of Efrim Waite? Because holy dang…

That is definitely a face of a person who has seen god (who may or may not be a mushroom).

But in all seriousness, what on earth has happened to their hair? I know there aren’t that many photos of them in Omnipedia, but in the ones there are all of their hair definitely isn’t white. Does anyone know what could cause hair color to change suddenly like that? Aside from dyeing of course, which is definitely a possible explanation, but considering Waite’s state I think it should be reasonable to look for other possibilities, too.


This isn’t the first time Waite’s hair has changed color, either! Whatever “life-changing” experience they had with Imran, Nadira, and Rokaya that inspired them to form a band together in October of 2019 is what caused Efrim to develop that original single white lock of hair that’s visible in their main Omni photo.

Maybe they talked to the mushroom back in 2019, and then this year Efrim communicated with it again? Except now it’s hooked up to a colloid and may or may not have access to the entirety of the G6 network and all of the associated AIs and other tech. That might be “mind-blowing” enough to change a person’s entire head of hair.


Yeah I can imagine this being the aftereffects of some sort of communication, or in this case communication gone wrong.


Don’t they also say people’s hair goes white after extreme stress/trauma? That might just be an old wives tale but SOMETHING happened to make them throw off their security and then stop talking entirely.