The concept of blankouts is utterly terrifying

Does anyone else wonder about how scary blankouts are? Like imagine if someone just hacked into your neural colloid implant and just shut down your brain for an extended period of time (and further the brainjacking reference in the “See also” section) and just made you do something undesirable without you ever knowing?

Reading into the Cupoid’s Arrow murder trial article really makes me wonder if there’s something like this happening behind the scenes.

@whamer100 They are terrifying! And get this from their article:

“While blankouts are considered harmless, they can cause emotional distress and have resulted in accidents and physical injuries, which generally occur when someone switches physical activities and then loses the memories of doing so.”

I don’t think “harmless” means what they think it means…

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Agreed, apart from all the other obvious bad things the concept of brainjacking is horrifying to me. And its just thrown in as a stub in “See Also”. How widespread is it I wonder?

And if colloids can let your brain be hijacked, pretty convenient that Zhupao found a way to get them into almost everyone’s heads.

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I completely glossed over this fact, that makes this even more terrifying! Imagine if the mass population’s colloids get silently hacked and infected with a botnet, and one day whoever hacked everyone decides to just shut down everybody at once and suddenly just have an army of people who will never remember what they have done.

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Then the fungus in Germany suffers a blankout, and forgets what it was doing at the time.

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