So, what's the deal with blankouts then?

So, today’s revelations about ADIRA are wild and explain a ton (honestly, I never quite got the ‘adira is a master hacker’ angle, they were never credited with any actual actions, Zhupao just said some shit and people believed them).

But, I had had the working theory that neural mining was causing people to have blankouts somehow. But blankouts have only been noticed this year alone, and the neural mining scandal goes back over a decade, so blankouts must be being caused by something else. That makes me think there’s something deeper being done with these colloids that we still don’t know about. As to what, though, I have no idea.

I guess it could be as simple as the conditioning gone haywire. If I’m to take a wild guess based on the fact that the highest profile case is Samuel Domian, who spent a lot of time in somnogames, maybe the conditioning process doesn’t work as intended while someone is playing a somnogame, or, more generally, while lucid dreaming. And so people who spend a lot of their sleep lucid dreaming will have their colloids trigger the conditioning process while awake, and somehow that causes a blankout? Maybe frequent lucid dreaming makes it harder for a colloid to recognize if you’re awake or not, because your brain activity while sleeping looks more like your brain activity while being awake?

Really, all I have are questions, but that’s at least a plausible theory I think.