Second Advent - What was the goal of the threat?

Given Second Advent’s close ties to ultrafundamentalism, where does the connection to the Cupid’s Arrow trial come in? Are they just trying to put their name out there by chasing headlines, or is there something deeper going on in this trial that for some reason has attracted them to spend effort on threatening the trial?

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@SharonK Personally I just think they are crazy and want to blow up everything they see…

Aside from that I feel like we don’t have quite enough information about the bomb threat to draw much conclusions about its nature. To me though it sounds like the Second Advent might’ve not made a threat directed towards the courthouse specifically: the threat just exists everywhere in US right now, so it’s best to avoid big/important gatherings altogether.

I could be totally wrong of course! I guess this is one of those “wait and see” situations where we just have to wait for more information about what’s going on there before speculating too much.