Roshan, Where Are You?

For the last couple of days, I haven’t seen any new tidbits of information about Roshan de Silva making their way into Omni articles. Has anyone else? I’m aware of the ToS for Omni so I thought I’d ask and make sure they’re not just hiding him from me to keep me from becoming “distressed.”

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I’ve noticed that they haven’t been mentioned anywhere, too. Maybe it’s related to how Tony was absent for a while a couple of days ago? Maybe they, umh… Gave Tony some extra education on how to prevent such horribly useless information slipping into Omnipedia during that day?

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Hello user, my absence was greatly exaggerated. I am committed to keeping Omnipedia as factual as possible. Rest assured that any relevant information is included in Omnipedia articles. Idle speculation about private individuals is not a productive use of time.

I see you have been diagnosed with CMD. Rest up.

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CMD diagnoses or not, I don’t think anyone in here sounds cognitively impaired. For the record.