Roshan, Where Are You?

For the last couple of days, I haven’t seen any new tidbits of information about Roshan de Silva making their way into Omni articles. Has anyone else? I’m aware of the ToS for Omni so I thought I’d ask and make sure they’re not just hiding him from me to keep me from becoming “distressed.”

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I’ve noticed that they haven’t been mentioned anywhere, too. Maybe it’s related to how Tony was absent for a while a couple of days ago? Maybe they, umh… Gave Tony some extra education on how to prevent such horribly useless information slipping into Omnipedia during that day?

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Hello user, my absence was greatly exaggerated. I am committed to keeping Omnipedia as factual as possible. Rest assured that any relevant information is included in Omnipedia articles. Idle speculation about private individuals is not a productive use of time.

I see you have been diagnosed with CMD. Rest up.

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CMD diagnoses or not, I don’t think anyone in here sounds cognitively impaired. For the record.


Yeah, I’m deeply puzzled as to what De Silva has to do with anything. I’m still assuming he died in the initial assassination, so maybe he’s just been fully disappeared at this point?

I guess, maybe, for some reason, someone wanted him not just dead but entirely forgotten? And now they’ve basically succeeded and there’s nothing left to cover up? Alternatively, he faked his own death but that wasn’t good enough for him, and now he’s managed to slip away entirely?

Really I have no idea. It’s very odd though. At very least, I’m willing to bet we’re being conditioned to think less about him, the same way we are with neural mining and adira, given he was being deleted from Omnipedia in the same way.