Pretty sure Adira is or was a Zhupao employee

This is the only thing that makes sense.

  • G6 was launched sometimes in 2040, depending on what you count as a “launch”.
  • G6 has been tracking Adira since 2041.
  • G6 says that Adira has “unfettered” access to G6’s network.
  • Zhupao provided “IT infrasctructure and colloid designs” necessary for G6.
  • Omnia was created in 2041, and specifically provides network access to users.

It is way more likely to me that a Zhupao employee managed to install some sort of backdoor for themselves while the company was designing G6 or when Omnia rolled out compared to the alternative - that a hacker or collective managed to get into what has to be one of the most secure network on the planet in less than a year.

I kinda feel dumb for not noticing earlier, I connected the strings while playing around with the pipeline thingy. Connected the pipes I guess.

But yeah, if they worked on G6 then both their access and capacity to acquire that are plausible. Given that the attack on Xu was done through Omnius, Adira being a suspect makes sense - the only alternatives are that someone else hacked into Omnius, or that an(other ?) Omnius employee did it.

So the next question is : if they are or were an employee, how in all the hecks hasn’t G6 caught them yet ? You’d think checking the people who worked on the project would be the first thing they did. That’s why they held Hong Lian, right ? So presumbably Adira bailed before they got caught.

So what I’m saying is that @caleb was right all along and that Amankwah-Crouse is extremely suspect. Any other Zhupao employees we might want to keep an eye on ?

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