Omnipedia's Sources

So I’ve had this theory for a few days now that the amount of extremely current information Omnipedia seems to have access to just doesn’t quite make sense.

Exact numbers on missing to recovered on the Typhoon 4109, Exact size of 6b/35-N8, Exact death tolls on Second advent attacks and most damming of all exact infection and death for CMD.

I think its abundantly clear that somehow Omnipedia’s DNCs have gained access to and is incorporating information sources that it has no right to access and so no legitimate way to sources its claims, I believe that though, intent, inaction or sloppy programming one of those sources is unfettered access to G6 itself.

We all know the site requests Colloid access to “optimise your user experience” Perhaps through something as simple as those connections combined with an assumption of authentication from Zhupao campus programmes.

And If you would indulge me in my most self indulgent conspiratorial thinking. I think Omnipedia may be the source of the Blankouts.

  • Blankouts are a relatively new phenomenon first recorded early this year, Omnipedia was announced June of this year and we can reasonably assume the early stages of the project predate that by at least a few months.

  • We know Zhupao has a history and capacity for neural mining and that biobattery overexertion leads to Neuroglycopenia which neurological symptoms similar to blankouts.

Is it such a leap to assume that a poorly trained automated system without the context to know the act of data acquisition would damage the user wouldn’t occasionally over-eagerly request information.

Our largest piece of evidence may be todays 6b/35-N8 update, through the articles are nonsense scatterings of the “translated” communication reported yesterday. if omnipedia really is scrapping colloid data would it not be reasonable that 400,000 tonnes or the equivalent of 300 Million human brains would be unfairly weighted in its model.


Brilliant wild theorizing, I love it! It got me thinking…a 400,000 ton being with a colloid is also a GIGANTIC biobattery in and of itself. How long could it be connected…what could be -stored- in it? Is it one of the models for the crazy weird G6 hubs/towns we hear about?