Omnipedia profile pictures

Hello there.

When we launched Omnipedia Talk, we opted to use Discourse’s single sign on functionality to delegate user authentication to Omnipedia. This was in part to reduce the amount of work we’d have to do, and also to preserve existing user data from when we first launched - for example, so that we would know which accounts had purchased the season pass during our first year so we could award a badge for it.

Some of you might have noticed that you can set a profile picture for yourself on Omnipedia and it gets automagically attached to your Omnipedia Talk profile. We wanted to make that the only way to set your profile picture, again to keep things simpler, and also in case we ever want to do more with Omnipedia accounts like we have with Omnipedia Talk, but I forgot to set that setting when we launched just over a week ago in the rush to get everything polished and out the door in time. We’d like to make this change now; does anyone have thoughts or concerns about this or does it all make sense?

I would personally prefer to be able to use different profile pictures. The main reason I have is that here in Talk the picture gets automatically cropped into a circle, unlike in Omnipedia. At least with my profile picture the cropping looked pretty awkward, so I changed the Talk’s file to one that takes that into account. With that in mind I’d suggest either keeping the ability to change both profile pictures individually, or (if it’s possible) make both of them behave the same way: either with cropping or no cropping, not both.

That’s a good point - the profile picture stuff on Omnipedia is super basic. If Omnipedia offered the ability to crop and centre the picture yourself however you wanted, would you then be okay doing it only there?

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Sure! Although in my opinion it would make more sense if the crop style (square or circle) would always be the same in Omnipedia and Talk. But centering and/or zooming and such would still sound really nice!

It shouldn’t be much work to use the same circle style on Omnipedia so it looks the same in both places. Thanks for the feedback!

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