Looking at Data Leaks and the Significance of "The 10th"

With every update, we get more information about interesting data leaks and their ripple effects. I feel like some patterns are starting to emerge, so I thought I’d lay them out together and see what my fellow Omnipedians think and what theories might pop up. (I apologize in advance for the wall of text. I started organizing my article notes and the next thing I knew…here I was. I hope it’s helpful to someone else lol.)

My biggest questions after looking at all of this is…why do so many big data leaks happen on the 10th of the month? What other important things do we know of that happened on or are associated with “the 10th”? And what might be coming on October 10, 2049?

October 10, 2039
Who: An anonymous source inside Lassgard Bioteknik contacts Anse Daems at World News Wire
Contents: Internal LB documents going back to 2030, including correspondence between Xu & William Lassgard as well as information on LB’s closely-guarded production process.
-WNW runs a series of articles starting on October 23, 2039. (Desai led the technical side of WNW’s processing of the data leak, which means Pipeline/the PACOTTI architecture were involved, too.) Their international presence and subscriber numbers soar.
-The WHO is able to establish a transmission link between PTAE and CMD
-The leak and scandal turn public opinion against LB.
-The WHO is able to ban the sale of Lassgard tuna
-On October 29, 2039, William Lassgard is supposedly assassinated (but the entire thing was actually staged.)
-Other consequences??
Winners/Losers: Lassgard Bioteknik and William L. seem to lose pretty big here. WNW and the WHO come out ahead. Xu and Zhupao (and Spencer Hagen/Sanial) kind of do, too, since this will lead to the widest application yet for their colloids.

April 10, 2040
Who: We…don’t know? There’s very little information about this leak.
Contents: Procurement notices filed by Huawei and the CETC (China Electronics Technology Corporation) that showed that the Social Credit System and Integrated Joint Operations Platform were being integrated into mingyun.
Xu’s claims about the CCP using mingyun to implement big-evil surveillance on a mass scale appear to be proven correct.
Mingyun development is halted two days later.
Power struggles seem to ensue between the CCP and Xu; mingyun development resumes on May 3 when the CCP enters into a cooperation strategy w/ the WHO that includes Zhupao’s IT and colloids being used to redevelop China’s healthcare system
Bringing mingyun into G6 puts it all on the PACOTTI architecture
Winners/Losers: Xu and Zhupao and subsidiaries win here. Whether this is a win or a loss for the CCP depends on what game they’re playing and over what timeline.

September 10, 2040 (Not quite a leak, more a stumbling-upon)
Who: Efua Amankwah-Crouse starts working on a lifecycle study for the project that will introduce G6 to mainland China. When she finds a serious CO2 climb, she brings in Sunil Cariappa.
Contents: The G6 DNCs are processing 85 quintillion undisclosed databases - worldwide public & private sources including social media and data platforms, surveillance systems and companies, and financial institutions. (From data removed from Omni, we also know that the G6 DNCs were being used to train semantic thought models on neurometric & neurobehavioral data that was being actively mined through CMD colloids. Cariappa blamed the CCP and wanted to tell Xu, but Amankwah-Crouse was reluctant.)
-Efua terminates her Zhupao contract on September 26, 2040.
-In October, Efua works with WNW (and probably Anse Daems) to report on Zhupao’s mass neural mining operation.
-The reporting is controversial, and WNW starts to struggle financially. The majority stake is sold to the Senanayake Group in November, and massive layoffs and restructuring ensue.
-Efua puts herself squarely on Xu’s list of problems with this move, and she stays there.
-I may just be drawing a blank here, but…where are the real consequences for Xu/Zhupao/G6?
Winners/Losers: WNW takes a hit here. Efua comes out neutral in my opinion; she gets out of her association with Xu and Zhupao but she also puts a target on her back.

October 10, 2041
Who: We don’t know. It was a breach of Deutsche Bank’s internal network.
Contents: Operational and personal data of its employees, corporate clients, and trading partners.
-Reveals the loans made to Radial (John Patmos’s financial services firm) from Deutsche Bank, and the mirror trades Patmos and Sun Jingyu (who previously worked at Pinduoduo and Zhupao) were making for Chinese officials/investors.
-Sun takes a plea deal, but dies by suicide in 2042. (Reportedly.)
-Patmos is arrested and charged, and eventually bailed out by Second Advent (one of the groups getting payouts from Radial.)
-Corporate consequences…???
Winners/Losers: Patmos loses his job but gains a place as the next leader of the Second Advent. Second Advent gets their next crazy leader. Sun experiences the ultimate loss.

October 10, 2045
Who: Zhupao’s corporate network is breached. Xu claims to suspect Efua Amankwah-Crouse. Efua claims she was contacted by a whistleblower inside Zhupao. There’s record that Xu previously suspected “Russian influences” in this leak as well.
Contents: Technical white papers, G6 licensing agreements, private files & correspondence from Zhupao employees. Showed “Adira” ticked as a search term for all data mined and stored by G6 going back to 2041. Also showed G6 had been retrofitted with quantum neural networks between October 2040 and June 2041. The QNNs were developed by Cengal, (which became part of Omnius in 2041, and whose investors include Efrim Waite and Violaine Michiels.)
-This is the birth of “Adira” in the public eye. Xu claims they’re a person or group able to bypass G6’s quantum cryptographic security.
-Efua is forced to step down from her consultancy at Nuance (Cariappa’s company.) Her family is met with harassment and death threats when she refuses to ID the whistleblower.
-On December 10, 2045, Efua’s partner Johanna is found dead in their home, apparently from hemorrhagic stroke. Efua returns to Ghana in 2046 and ceases to travel, consulting and speaking online.
-Again, there’s kind of a suspicious lack of fallout on the corporate or G6 side of things, at least from what I can see right now.


Again, maybe this is me being a bit of a conspiracy theorist but this feels like things are happening by algorith, and some sort of process is run on the 10th of the month that… makes things happen. Somehow.


I noticed a similar pattern for things happening in Efrims life. It seems like every 10 years something important is going on.
1999 - birth
2009 - Released their first EP
2019 - Life changing experience (origin of white tress of hair?), forming of Polysemic Sortilege
2029 - Launched solo career (also invested in Sanial)
2039 - Disappearance from public eye for 2 years, returning with double album “Epiphylogenesis” also acquired a majority stake in PenCréant and enlisted the company to replicate ancient grimoires and musical instruments to their specifications. → I find the replication of musical istruments most interesting, thinking of the Red Mendelssohn Antonio Stradivari violin belonging to Rokaya Toussaint, the last living member of Polysemic Sortilege besides Efrim.
2049 - Went missing and found comatose in Tunisia, also the death of Nadira Bentoumi.

Could be a coincidence still, but I find it interesting to look into it. Maybe the number 10 has a deeper meaning in all of this?


I’m not usually one for numerology, but just for fun I guess (in order of increasing contrived-ness):

  • Waite founds Debtera Pharma in 2023. It gets acquired by Zhupao 10 years later in 2033. This is also the year Djebarri is murdered
  • The name “Efrim Waite” is 10 letters long
  • Once their last album comes out, their solo career will consist of 5 albums. That’s half of 10
  • Counting Polysemic Sortilege albums, that’s 11 albums they’ve released at the present, and 12 after the final one is released. But if we remove their second solo album (which was pulled from all major distribution platforms soon after it was released), that adds up to 10 existing releases
  • I guess… uh… Waite has founded or invested in 5 major companies? again, half of 10?
  • ummmmm....… uhhhh….….….….….… if you… count all the words in the titles of waite’s solo albums, you get… 37….….….….….….…..….… and if you count all the characters in the titles, ignoring spaces… you get… 213….….… add those together and you get 250, which is a quarter of 1000….….….….….….…..... and if you ignore the slash in Epiphylogenesis: Unbecoming Machine / Becoming Other because that’s a double album and those are really just two separate titles, you get 249….….…...….….….….….….….….….….. 2049.….….…...….….….….….….….….…....................... thats the current year….….….….….… uhhhhh….….…...….….….….….….….….…..................

Alright, I think at this point I’ve scraped through the bottom of the barrel and am just digging a hole now. It’s definitely interesting how often the number 10 comes up, though.

Oh, also, they were born ‘Efrim Uttu-Isimud Waite.’ ‘Uttu-Isimud’ is also 10 letters long.