How's everyone's bones feeling?

Flippancy aside - very alarmed by cases of CMD apparently going up 18 times as much overnight! And with new symptoms:

In 2049, G6 identified an emerging variant of CMD with a constellation of autoinflammatory symptoms, resulting in sterile multifocal osteomyelitis, periostitis, and pustulosis. Specific symptoms may include cerebral vasculitis, fused cervical vertebrae, hepatomegaly, interstitial pulmonary abnormality, joint swelling, mouth ulcers, respiratory distress, and stomatitis.

There’s a distinct lack of citations that I don’t love, but how are we all feeling? Anybody notice their cervical spines fuse overnight when cases apparently… eighteen-tupled? Or do we think there’s something else going on?


My bones are good except for my jaw being on the floor at the change in numbers. The increased death toll…600,000 more?!

Incredibly upsetting. You have to hope it isn’t true, but when the number tracking on every other article has been so precise? Horrifying if it’s true, horrifying in an entirely different way if it’s a manipulation.

Pretty sure my bones are still good. A little bit horrified at the numbers, and kind of wondering where the alleged ADIRA fits in with all this (didn’t that also have inflammatory symptoms?)

My old bones are aching, but tbh they were aching long before my recent CMD diagnosis.

I also don’t really fancy that there are not really sources for this info. It’s really difficult to get a picture of what these numbers actually mean: did thousands of people just drop dead during a single night, have they died previously but their cases were hidden from the public, is all of this just a smokescreen to make people forget ADIRA, or some secret fourth option.

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