G6 seems suspicious

Does anyone else think that the timeline for G6 development was a bit quick? The Zhupao/WHO partnership was announced in December 2039, and 10 months later they’d declared the pilot a success. That feels really quick to me, even when you consider that the colloid technology was apparently ready for a few years already.

I get that there was a pandemic, but its not like CMD is transmissible human to human (as far as I know). G6 was apparently part of contact tracing efforts, but with an up to 60 year dormant period I don’t see why there was such a rush once we knew it was Lassgard tuna causing it.

It all feels like the WHO (who at the time were led by a former chair of the Chinese NHC, who maybe interestingly died in 2046) helped facilitate a panic over a relatively rare disease as an excuse to help Zhupao/the CCP rush out mass biosurveillance. I’m sure the neuroID features of the G6 colloids are just a bonus feature and not the real purpose all along :roll_eyes:


Very quick timeline; CMD had only even been identified in July of 2039. I hadn’t caught that the head of WHO at that time was a former NHC chair - “maybe interestingly died” indeed.