Finally Awake tournament

Any ideas what will happen with the Finally Awake tournament now that Efrim Waite presumably can’t attend?

Looks like Efrim Waite was invited along with Earlybird (is he likely to attend, given all the publicity around Are You For Real?), as well as Taylor Lulashnyk. Got to say, I’m kind of behind the times so I haven’t heard of Taylor before.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes in a few days!

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I’m definitely looking forward to it. The Finally Awake article is another one that’s been edited back and forth; sometimes in favor of the AI game master and sometimes in favor of Domian. It’ll be interesting to see how the AI does on such a big stage.

I mean, the way I’m reading the edits suggests that the AI was disliked on launch, and is better received now. Seems like the edits are just doing a bit of whitewashing on that.

As for Earlybird… yeah, their reaction to the trial doesn’t give me the impression that the media attention will bother him ^^

Can somnogames be streamed ? I don’t play but the article makes it look like an interesting thing to watch.

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Has anyone else felt a little…suspicious about Mekhane, the AI? It was trained on dream imaging data and launched in May 2049 following Samuel Domian’s departure on April 11. From the sounds of it, Domian was experiencing multiple blankouts leading up to his coma on June 13. Removed information indicates that recent updates to Mekhane (ie after Domian’s coma) may have led to more favorable reviews of the game.

I cannot shake the feeling that the blankouts, Domian’s coma, and the perceived improvement in the AI’s performance (games being more like they were when Domian ran them) are connected. Was the AI attempting to brainjack Domian? Did it succeed, maybe multiple times, eventually leading to a stroke? If someone has a blankout while they’re in a coma, what happens? Would it ever end?

These questions follow me right over to Efrim too. Did they make contact with some kind of massive AI intelligence? Massive cognitive overload resulting in a coma and white hair? Also, given Efrim’s status as a “celebrity investor” and the fact that they were invited to the tournament, anyone else think they were probably a Moodoo investor?