Efrim Waite the Investor

Okay, okay, I’m so late this week but something new and interesting I found on Waite’s page are their investments:

Sanial in 2029:
Cengal in 2030:
Pokrov in 2034:
PenCréant in 2039 to CREATE grimoires and custom instruments. This company goes on to be swallowed by Zhupao and merge into Omnius.

These are all really close together. The first two all have to do with neural colloids and were acquired by Zhupao. Pokrov, as we know, has the Baffle tech. In the midst of all this investing, their band goes on hiatus, they release the infamous second solo album, and Djebarri is murdered.

I don’t really know where I’m going with all this, it could be nothing. At least it reinforces Waite’s desire for the newest neural tech. Why? Seems more than just an interest in it. Were they trying to communicate with something, a la 6b?


Some related notes, that I’m similarly not sure where they lead, other than that Efrim Waite is definitely working toward something.

The Sanial investment is a very early connection to Spencer Hagen, who I am…inclined to distrust. (Something about his smile. And the way he points that finger gun at Cariappa.) I think it might be the first documented connection we have between Spencer Hagen and anyone else. It’s also the same year as Waite’s first solo album, which is maybe-probably completely unrelated but interesting nonetheless.

Cengal and PenCréant also wound up under Spencer Hagen’s control, since they were among the companies that were merged to form Omnius.

Waite’s investments are also one of the only ties I’ve found (albeit indirect) between Xu Shaoyong and Yuri Golitsyn. In addition to Efrim investing in Pokrov, Yuri’s partner Violaine Michiels was also an investor in Cengal and PenCréant.

Is Efrim steering/guiding Hagen? Or is it the other way around? Are they mushroom collaborators? Is Waite connected to Michiels in any way other than being fellow investors?