Efrim Waite Information Gathering Because It's So Strange

Info I have gathered about the elusive and mysterious Efrim Waite, October 4 Edition:

  • Efrim was found in Tunisia and while they are awake, they are not communicating.

  • Authorities are being suspiciously tight lipped about the location and investigation.

  • Xu fully REFUSED to hand over his copy of Efrim’s Of Altars & Graves & Sacrifices album during Djebarri’s murder investigation.

  • Apparently, Djebarri’s “final days and manner of death were seemingly foreshadowed by numerous lyrics” on said album. Which. Whoa.


Here are a couple more interesting tidbits:

  • The place where Imran Djebarri was found dead was Tunis, just like Efrim today. There has to be a connection on why the band members keep ending up there specifically.
  • The article about Efrim says that the Tunisian authorities haven’t yet disclosed the exact location Efrim was found from. Which yeah, seems fair enough, but the source on that has a very peculiar title:
    “El-Issawi, O. (October 2049). “Authorities seal off parts of Chott el Djerid, citing environmental hazards.” La Presse de Tunisie.” Citing WHAT NOW? Were those hazards caused by Efrim or were they something that were already there?

(EDIT) …oh dang wait, I actually already found what connects these people to Tunisia:

  • Debtera Pharma is a nanobiotechnology company founded in 2023 by Efrim Waite and headquartered in London City. The company’s research primarily involves regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, bioactive scaffolds, and biomaterials. Debtera Pharma was acquired by Zhupao in 2033 and currently operates laboratories in Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, and Syria.

I have yet no idea what it all means together though.


Were they…experimenting?

EDIT: Oh man, I am extra haunted by the idea that they were experimenting and Efrim themself CAUSED the environmental hazards. Yikes.


Just throwing in my 2cents here, probably just funny stuff I stumbled upon, heavy conspiracy. Don’t know if any of this is of help xD

Nostradamus - you might know the predictions of Nostradamus. According to him, the “King of Terror” would “come from the sky” in “1999 and seven months”. Efrim was born on July 1st 1999.

10 years - It seems Efrim is having a major event in his life every 10 years.
1999 - birth
2009 - Released their first EP
2019 -Life changing experience (origin of white tress of hair?), forming of Polysemic Sortilege
2029 -launched solo career
2039 -disappearance from public eye for 2 years, returning with double album “Epiphylogenesis”
2049 -went missing and found comatose in Tunisia

Album Titles - some thoughts
Of Altars & Graves & Sacrifices - foreshadowing Djebarris death?

Slumber Til the Miasma Calls My Name - they’re kinda slumbering now, waiting for what exactly? (Miasma was an early name for a pathogen transmitted via breathing.)

Epiphylogenesis: Unbecoming Machine / Becoming Other - speaks for itself, interestingly Epiphylogenesis is the transmission of the “already-there” beyond the lifespan of an individual being, to a technical being. Not the other way around. “Other” can also refer to other beings, like Angels or multidimensional beings for example.

Wandering The Squirming Multiplicities: A Farewell, A Fluctuating Hatching, An Ending A Venir - not released yet. Multiplicity can have several meanings and is a philosophical concept, the most interesting is “having or using multiple personalities” and “‘Multiplicity’, which replaces the one no less than the multiple, is the true substantive, substance itself.”

Efrims full name is also interesting
Efrim - version of Ephraim meaning “fruitful, fertile, productive”
Uttu - was a Mesopotamian goddess of Sumerian origin. She was regarded as the goddess of weaving.
Isimud - as a Mesopotamian god regarded as the divine attendant (sukkal) of the god Enki (Ea). He was depicted with two faces.
Waite - Arthur Edward Waite was a British poet and scholarly mystic who wrote extensively on occult and esoteric matters, and was the co-creator of the Rider–Waite tarot deck.

So I feel like the “two-faced” concept keeps showing up with “Multiplicities” and the name “Isimud”. Also magic and the occult seems to be a big part of their life. I’d love to have more info about the interview about ruins, gods, and magic with Efrim Waite from October 2033.
I’m also looking at Second Advent and a possible relation to the Book of Revelation written by John of Patmos, but havent found anything interesting yet.


Interestingly, Debtera was acquired by Zhupao in the same year that Djebarri went missing/died and Of Altars & Graves & Sacrifices came out. So, 2033 was a major year. Xu having that unreleased demo and the Debtera acquisition are obviously connected somehow…


Oh wow I would never have spotted all this, thank you zusuriki!

Something else caught my eye in “Wandering The Squirming Multiplicities: A Farewell, A Fluctuating Hatching, An Ending A Venir”. “venir” is the French verb “to come”, so a venir could be “a coming” or “an arrival”

It could also be “à venir” — forthcoming, coming up — or even “avenir” — the future. Whatever it is, it’s clear to me Efrim is telling us this isn’t the end. Something is coming. Maybe it’s a double LP.

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Oh also funny that the band broke up in 2031 citing “clashing visions” and then in 2033 Debetera Pharma got acquired and Imran ended up dead. Can’t help but think it might have been more sinister than just musical differences


I mean they’re definitely slumbering now, but if you count the two year’s disappearance as “slumber”… then they “wake up” with Epiphylgenesis in 2039, the year CMD is discovered. Til the Miasma Calls My Name.

If we accept that reading as a thing, which I am because it’s mine, then the album titles could be foreshadowing events to come between their announcement and/or release and the announcement and/or release of the next one.

I can’t wrap my head around what the third album is talking about, but to those who can : anything related to that happen between 2039 and 2045 ? Because if it does, Efrim is 3 for 3 on predicting the future.


The second one is the correct one - while “venir” does mean “to come” in french, “a venir” can only refer to something or someone that either may come or is coming. The english “a” is not a thing in french, and the french “a” is either a posessive thing (“C’est à moi”, “It’s mine/my turn”), to indicate a location (“C’est à Paris”, “It’s in Paris”), time (“C’est à 12h”, “It’s at 12”) or used when talking about future (or potential) events.

There is also some stuff where we use “a” when talking about something belonging to someone in 3rd person singular (“C’est a lui”, “It’s his”) and an “à” (with an …`… accent) any other time. Probably irrelevant but putting it here JIC.

I’m not used to explaining language to people so tell me if I’m unclear in my explanation, but yeah “à venir” is never, ever used to mean “a coming”. We’d say “une arrivée” in that case. Does that make sense ?

[I’m also talking about like, France’s french, but it’s safe to assume that this is the french used by Waite]

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Love this theory, I’m so here for it.

2039 is when the Specimen 6b EHE project, which included putting a Zhupao/Sanial colloid into the fungus, was shut down; Zhupao pulled out of the project that year.

Possibly more relevant though is the development and expansion of G6 during those years. 2045 is when it came to light that the network had been retrofitted with quantum neural networks between October 2040 and June 2041. That’s a big connection between humanity and basically every network on Earth…maybe Efrim anticipated that would cause some kind of knowledge transfer/shift in the human-tech relationship?

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That’s as good an explanation as I’ve heard :slight_smile: We really don’t have an equivalent in English.

What I was getting at is that Mr Waite might be doing some cryptic multilingual wordplay, and deliberately misusing bits of one or both languages to send his fans a hidden message, although it’s hard to say when the album hasn’t even been released. Any day now…


The 6b link seems like it could fit, although I think the third album is probably about humanity’s acceptance of G6 and their collective transcendence into something more… not sure Efua Amankwah-Crouse would be on board with that reading though

The fourth album though… oh boy.

Wandering The Squirming Multiplicities: what is a giant fungus with thousands of acres of mycelium and potentially millions of mushrooms if not a squirming multiplicity? has Efrim been in contact with 6b?

A Farewell: is this about Efrim’s disappearance? saying goodbye to 6b? to his fans? to the world? to Xu?

A Fluctuating Hatching: how can a hatching fluctuate? with 6b hooked into G6 could this mean it’s going to take its uncertain first steps into a new world?

An Ending A Venir: both an ending and future, but a future for whom? could we all become part of the squirming multiplicity of Specimen 6b?

ugh I need this album NOW it’s been like 5 years already


…well, I certainly managed to wildly misinterpret your post ^^ sorry 'bout that.

Erim’s parents’ names are also interesting and just add to this overall mystical vibe. Their mother is Marguerite LeNormand. The Petit Lenormand is a cartomancy deck that’s still in use today, named after Marie Anne Lenormand, the greatest French cartomancer of all time.

Then there’s Abdel Talbot Waite. “Abdel” is of Arabic origin and means “servant.” “Talbot” is of Celtic origin and means “messenger of destruction.” And in addition to the Rider-Waite connection, “Waite” as a surname traditionally meant “watchman/guard.”

This family has some LOADED names.