De Silva's continued adventures

I’m juuuuuust going to leave this one here:

False flag operation
Zhupao has been accused of fabricating the existence of Adira as part of a false flag operation, either as a pretext for increased G6 surveillance or to conceal its true nature. This theory is supported by Five of Swords (FoS), which launched an investigation and published its findings to Vessel in December 2045. FoS claims Roshan De Silva as having “masterminded the fiction of Adira to attribute any G6 security flaws and breaches to a nebulous, unaccountable origin, with the intent of bolstering the appearance of the system’s infallibility while making everyone chase a ghost.”


And it’s gone! De Silva has now been replaced with Zhupao, which is pretty interesting to me. First of all if Tony truly is locked out of Omnipedia, it’s definitely not him making these secret edits. Who is it, then? Second, the editor is fine with blaming Zhupao of the things mentioned here, but not the secret man De Silva.


Definitely interesting. de Silva was (apparently) Xu’s closest advisor, so it’s kind of weird that laying it on Zhupao is fine.


I am here, not to worry.