[Crawl Request] 2041/02/13: China denies Xi Jinping infected with Cariappa-Muren disease


Woah! How do I make a crawl request?

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Hello Omnipedian! Thank you for your question! Only senior editors can make crawl requests, but the results are displayed for everyone to consult.


Thanks, @TonyHsiung ! Could you explain crawl requests a little bit - what are they for? And could you let me know which senior editor made this request - which Omnipedia articles have they worked on? :slight_smile:


Yeah seriously what’s a crawl request? Also “fatigue” is clearly BS.

Hello Omnipedian! I sure can. We all know that the “old” internet has become incredibly unreliable, given the sheer volume of AI-generated content. Our crawl requests specifically look for untainted records - that is, records that can be verified as human-authored :slight_smile: .

And I can’t give you the information on which editor made the request, nor the list of articles. That would be a breach of privacy, and we wouldn’t want to do that, now would we? :slight_smile: You can trust that our vetting process is secure and reliable.