[Crawl Request] 2040/11/11: Hasashi Desai - Miguel Borges interview transcript


Crawl request coming through with hyper-relevant info! This is the interview where Desai and Borges talk about the neural mining report that got killed when the Senanayake Group took over WNW and installed Sebastian Rummens as editor-in-chief. Chilling, all the way through.

This was on Desai’s article when today’s updates went live (it’s since been scrubbed):

In November 2040, Desai worked with Miguel Borges on a WNW report about his discovery of a mass brainjacking campaign enforced by Zhupao to cover up its illegal neural mining operation. The report was subsequently killed by incoming WNW editor-in-chief Sebastian Rummens, which prompted Desai to anonymously publish the transcript of his interview with Borges.

Per the WNW article (also since deleted,) Desai didn’t shy away from blaming Rummens for killing the report, either:

According to Hasashi Desai, Rummens was also responsible for killing a WNW report about Zhupao’s mass brainjacking campaign to cover up its neural mining operation.

This part in the interview really stood out to me:

Hasashi Desai: But it’s been happening for a while, as far back as the Canadian trials in 2038.

Miguel Borges: Yes, but most of the data that’s being generated will be noisy and incomplete, because mental cooperation is required for a clear recording from those pings of the network. However, if G6 is adopted by more countries and the scale and depth of the training data goes up, then the models can employ a range of averaging and individual tracing solutions to match more specific concepts. This is also something that could very well be happening in our sleep, when we’re not able to actively withhold our mental cooperation.

Firstly, does anyone know exactly when Inès Seghir was studying and working in Canada? She was working on inducing and influencing lucid dreams with targeted neurostimulation and I deeply suspect that it was during Zhupao’s initial colloid trials. The timelines look like they could match up.

Secondly, this interview was nearly a decade ago now. I think it’s safe to say G6 has definitely been widely adopted and would have access to a truly overwhelming amount of training data.

Third, if someone were in a state of lucid dreaming, would they be able to actively resist that attempt to weaken their memories. Conversely, would they be able to give active consent/more willingly participate in it?

Efrim was deeply interested in this tech and is going to be a player in tonight’s Finally Awake game. They also have more colloids than anyone and I think I heard a rumor their final album is dropping tomorrow. Is Efrim’s participation somehow part of this “magnum opus” they’ve been working toward?


Wow, that was really an interesting read! In, well, a bad way I guess, but still very interesting.

That’s a really interesting thing to notice! Maybe at the very least Seghir was studying in the same place and/or with the same people who then went on to study/invent this sort of memory manipulation during sleep. I’d hate to hear that she would’ve been a bigger part of it herself or that her studies would’ve been used directly in it… But then again apparently she also sold some Reverie tech for the developers of neurocarceration… =/

Hmmh, a good guestion. I personally doubt you could do either of them, as it’s not like you actively think about all of the things your memory is storing in your brain when you are dreaming. That doesn’t really change when dreams are lucid, at least in “natural way” - who knows for sure how things are with colloid-induced lucid dreaming. (At least I haven’t tested that out yet, those gaming devices are expensive!)

It’s actually quite weird to me that there hasn’t yet been an announcement if Waite is truly going to be on the show tonight. That was the plan sure, but they were just hospitalized and clearly don’t seem to be all that well! I guess we’ll see soon enough, though.

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