Colloids: Genius or Utter Fallacy?

I’m sure many of you among us have bought onto the Zhupao train of neural interface. Some research on this recently surfaced site has led to this G6.

Blockquote As a network, G6 is multimodular and relies on swarms of peer-to-peer (P2P) systems which are either distributed, centralized, or decentralized, depending on specific subsystems.

As bad as the old wave of first centralized servers followed by cloud computing was, a fully peer-to-peer method of handling vital information can suffer in so many ways. Man-in-the-middle attacks were always a concern on untrusted networks, now any person nearby also with a neuroid could access info about you. (We really need an article about colloids and their security features.) For more info read about blankouts. The Sanial CEO denies any connection, but can you really trust a company to say something bad about itself?

In any case, colloids seem to be a blanket solution for a niche problem that should have been solved by now (tainted food supply.) PTAE - mad fish disease.

I’ve been playing Somnogames on emulators lately, and I think I’m glad I held off on a colloid, how about you?

PS: Some crazy stuff in the news, not sure what to think about it, been seeing the other discussion threads and don’t have much to add on those fronts.

PPS: Using G6 to search Adira was probably just panic. I’ve been around since Heartbleed and Anonymous, so I know people go to an edge under pressure. But if I’m right about the security flaws of colloids, Adira or just about anybody could have become a murderer.


I haven’t trusted Spencer Hagen since it became clear that Sanial has the technology to keep colloids from causing CSVD but refuses to share it.


Xu Shaoyong

Blockquote In November 2047, Yuri accused Xu of “fearmongering” after G6 had misidentified a rise in cases of CSVD as the start of a second wave of the CMD pandemic. Xu responded by attributing the CSVD surge to Russia’s illicit market in colloids, which does not have access to Sanial’s licensed nanomaterials that prevent colloids from causing CSVD.

I found the segment in question, but I’m afraid its poorly sourced, the last source (10) was dated September 2045 and it jumps four years to his death.


Honestly, colloids seem like an amazing tool to me, but packaging them with the whole G6 bio surveillance panopticon is what’s sketchy. Being able to diagnose and even manage symptoms of CMD is amazing, and stuff like the Reverie somnogame console is super cool, but getting a colloid shouldn’t opt you into the whole mess that is G6. I wouldn’t be too worried about them if they could only be accessed locally, or something like that.

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